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@chrisharris: Pretty much. If you want the name you can use the name but i think there is actually something possitive to just a very generic name that describes that the character is about. It is just like the title the heroes get in lol besides their name, their title is just prioritized here.

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The video raises some interesting points. that being said he still seems like an ineloquent dude taking everything into consideration.
Also taking into acount the new statements about streaming. (stance aside, it could of been of been put better.)

He might not be a giant dick, but probably still a dick. It might be a bit amplified but. In a way i wish more people got called out for their behaviour.

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Hey, I haven't had a chance to watch the E3 Livestreams this year. Did I miss a Lockdown? Been waiting for that song to make an appearance since its extended use last year.

It does make an appearance somewhere, I am sure it is used somewhere on day 1.

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The comments directed and wooly yoshi were the highlight!

The highlight!

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That ending really saved the episode. Great fight, although a tad too flashy which led to a barrage of super fast cuts to keep the illusion of realism alive. But still, respect to Oberyn's double.

I am pretty sure there was no double, at least i think.

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The reason you don't understand is because you lack a soul.

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For me personally not really. But that is because i rather have a quicklook to make a judgment. that being said review do have their place but it isen't a make or break for me as i don't even read most of them.

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I don't think the dota players that really think about it don't discount league as a game. What those people do say is that they can't go back or enjoy league. (I can't speak for everyone but that is what it is in my case, and Lols business model.)

Also now! Discuss League of legends instead of Dota for god's sake! *cough*filthy casuals*cough.

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Good old Dota 2.