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Saints row 4 by a mile i think. Although that might be because it is one in recent memory.

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@vitor said:

Turns out DOTA was just a fad. It's officially over guys, pack up, no-one cares anymore.

This guy got it!
It is all Heroes of the storm and smite from now on!

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Got told to bump this so...


Edit: Ow right that abomination, I vaguely remember something like that! Quick everyone flock to your 'girlfriends' to make a team!

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A lot of people will play heroes of the storm just because it is a Blizzard game.
That and there are still plenty of things that make it different from LoL.

I say that without having played it and just seeing it, but pretty sure Hots is a bit more accessible and quicker then lol.

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@thesoutherndandy: I won't argue that. My stance is that the games are really not that hard to a certain point. You just need key concepts and game flow/positioning. Once you get your general knowledge and skill up there i feel they can be transfered pretty easily to others.
There is something to be said for it but i feel you can do pretty decent with almost everything if you know the game and understand the roll/ place in the team.

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@thesoutherndandy: I am not saying they are pure evil. Because you are right, before Valve stepped in that was really one of the more fair free to play games out there. The way I enjoy those games and play them i can't deal with their model though, thta and the fact that Lol doesn't offer me what Dota can.

Also being good doesn't go hand in hand with playing everything? That is pretty laughable.

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@alexw00d: Pretty much runes will give you an advantage as they plain let you customize if you want to add mana regen, extra attack damage, more ap, attack speed, health, health regen,....
Onto your base character.
So every hero is not the same one everytime you face him, the mastery page and the runes could shift that slightly in some other directions. So someone who put in more time will have more runepages and will be better able to pick and customize. So I feel it is buying power, and although you can't buy runes with money, if you decide to buy champions with rp instead of money you just won't be able to get runes or just not be flexible in them.

And I admit, runes might be small but as someone who spend a ton of hours in mobas you'll see how starting out with +5 health regen per second or just straight up 15 more attack damage might drastically change some characters and their laning. (Balance wise it is fine i guess seeing as everyone will be able to use them, but flexiblity wise it favors people who spend way more time in it and spend money.

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@corruptedevil: IT is made by the hon guys but it feels way more like Lol to me.

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Wait... Thor wasn't female?