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Good old Dota 2.

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I think that case is quite common.
Or it might be the case that people expect you to have some proficiency because you play music and hence making your normal amateurism see much worse and afterward we think we are worse?

Or the lag could be it. I doubt it though cause it puts me off when i play an instrument with delay but it doesn't completely fuck me up. That is too say the latency isn't too severse, but i think the game won't have too much lag or not too much more.

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@zelyre said:

40k has more lore behind it than the Iron Kingdoms (Warmachine), there's just more stuff in the 40k universe. The models from Games Workshop are better than Privateer Press. Some people can argue that they like one aesthetic over the other, and that's fine. However, the Games Workshop stuff is cleaner. The plastic is better. The multi-part plastic kits allow for customization out of the box that you don't get with the Privateer Press stuff.

However, as a game, and as a community, I think Warmachine/Hordes is head and shoulders above anything Games Workshop does

I do think I would agree with this. Although models can be subjective, but at the other hand for me painting units thta are too big of all the same guy really takes the fun out of painting.

And what i would like to say on the lore. You can say 40k has more lore then anything else. Beyond that i am not sure if i would call it anything too special. IT does some nice things but I am not sure if they have a narrative that moves forwards and most of the stories have kind of the same elements. (Haven't read the 40k books though.)

Game wise I would say Warmachine certainly is stronger, but then again i personally thing that 40k is particularly weak.

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As a long time fan i would definitely approve of a return to the old Dante. I do also believe, as do a lot of other people, that it is in Capcoms best interest to get some of the goodwill back.

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I too would suggest looking into warmachine/hordes before getting into Warhammer.

Being into a gameworkshop product might lead to headaches down the line. (Not that the others aren't subjected to some of that.) Also I think that depends on what you want to get into. Fantasy i feel is still kinda unique, 40k is not so appealing.

I saw a cool game called infinity that seemed like a cool future based wargame and it didn't seem to require too much miniatures. I am not sure how much playerbase there will be for it though. That is a good think about warhammer, you'll probably find players and the biggest one you can probably get an army second hand for cheap from someone who is sick of it/wants out/it is getting to oexpensive/has been burned by GW once too many.

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Nope, And i declare everyone crazy who picks that over fumbbl!

Great idea though!

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I saw one episode recently.. and like a lot of people have said.

It didn't...

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I actually said this weekend that i think it might not even make it to release before becoming free to play.

But probably along the same lines as star wars. Initial release and chance over when too many people who are suckered in by the elder scrolls name leave.

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I think this only gets people talking cause it is Blizzard making it. I don't see anything special besides that it is a Warcraft themed ccg. It's not bad, but also nothing special.