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I saw one episode recently.. and like a lot of people have said.

It didn't...

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I actually said this weekend that i think it might not even make it to release before becoming free to play.

But probably along the same lines as star wars. Initial release and chance over when too many people who are suckered in by the elder scrolls name leave.

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I think this only gets people talking cause it is Blizzard making it. I don't see anything special besides that it is a Warcraft themed ccg. It's not bad, but also nothing special.

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@akrid said:

Suprised to see Sang-Froid.

My idea exactly. It seemed pretty clunky from the stuff i have seen, good to know it turned out to be something.

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I support Brad!
Bummer he only got it to 7!

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@csl316 said:

@cheappoison: After my initial time with Rocksmith, I still think Guitar Pro is the way to go for learning songs.

I am 100% sure it is. Rocksmith is probably more engaging with the interface but i am not a complete fan of only letting you play like some notes of the song and slowly adding them in. I believe in playing everything slow so you work out how it works and build it up, with rocksmith there is the danger you will be able to start fitting the notes in there but because you do it in a chopped up way that it might be sloppy.
Being able to single out certain bars. (Not sure if rocksmith lets you do that.)
The catalogue of songs is laughable cause then it would be rocksmith's 50ish against thousands. That is even without the fact that extra songs on rocksmith are dlc.

Guitar pro also a writing tool and a good way for you to make custom exercises if you so wished.

I do know that rocksmith has more in there then that but the base needs seems to be way better met in guitar pro. It still seems like a great product. (Although i would like them to lift the bullshit restriction so that you don't need their dongle.)

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@jasonr86 said:

I'm probably going to keep using Rocksmith to mess around with the songs in there. I'm still going to try to get the lessons to work more effectively or at least introduce me to the concepts. But I'm not sure I have enough time to do lessons. Or I just don't want to give up the time I have to learn those techniques. But we'll see. I might end up getting frustrated and seek out tutoring.

If you are serious enough about it you can find everything you need to find online. Getting lessons can help but in a way they best they can do to you is show you and explain it.. You are going to have to mess with it and see how it works for you.

And for technique you can just study a bunch of video and distill what you need and figure how it works for you. Some of the best players don't have 'typical' technique of what one would call the norm.

And i still feel a copy of guitar pro would help you more then rocksmith for about the same price.

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I liked the GBA version a lot, but i can provide you with no comparison and i doubt a lot of people will have picked it up on 2 or 3 systems to make that comparison.

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@ravelle said:

There's like a complete RPG-style town complete with Inns and stables etc. to the left of the spawn, is that made by duders or generated?

I am guessing that was randomly generated. You could make one and inhabit it with nps and i say this with no idea if this was made by people but...

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So many salty League players in this thread, lol

That lol at the end is just a low blow.

I also realize it might be for the best that these 2 are up against eachother, these 2 would knock out a bunch of other games real easily if they weren't put to eliminate eachother so qiuckly.