Kirby Beginnings part 2

new cast

Tagiri (girlfriend of sir Gim)

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older sister to Tagiri and brainwashed subject of the SVs cult

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nina williams

a evil assassin of pirnce Lot, she is mad in a quest to become a god

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Sir Gim sits in wait for word of Tagiri's arrival to castle checker. with little to do he sits in the cortyard in wait. each moment geting more heavy then the last as his mind wonders. but soon there after Ocean knight informs him that she is waiting to see him.

"bring her to the cortyard plese."

"yes sir."

with that Tagiri enters the cortyard and goes over to Gim.

"sir dear sir Gim. its been so long since I've last saw you. I was becoming worryed I might not see you any time soon."

Gim was quick to comfort her.

"no. you must never think that again. you know I would never leave you behind. ever Tagiri."

"oh Gim!"

she goes over to his side and hugs him close to her self. almost in tears they both soak in the moment. once seconds of pleasure slow down Gim looks into her brown eye and asks.

"is your sister still unwell Tagiri?"

"I-I'm not sure. last I saw she seemed better. I still care for her Gim, and I hate to see her in that position of harm ever again."

"I know Tagiri......I know."

Gim caress her boy in a gentle manner of passion. it had been so long since he had seen Tagiri and his feeling were running deep for her.

"Gim I'm still worryed. the reports of strange people and......things. are still going about in are village. it has me worryed."

"what things do you mean?"

"strange things. like some say that member of a cult have taken young girls from are village and done something to them."

Gim's tone becomes worryed hearing of this news.

"but your sister is fine?"

"I-I don't know."

"I hate to ask. but are there any names or faces you can remember about these strange people? anyone your sister may have known?"

Tagiri pauses for a moent befor going on. as she trys to recall any one she saw.

"well there were these two men I remember seeing alot of. I never asked there name. I was too scard to. but one was a older man clean cut always in a sute. he-he looked like a businessman and this guy. younger in military dress uniform. he looked like a col. or something. I don't know.........then there was this girl. I remember her name sakuya. seemed sweet but I know she was up to no good. her and my sister were fighting once."

"fighting like with fists?"

"no just a verbal fight. I didn't want to get in it but I help her kick this girl out. I was scard though."

"its okay Tagiri you need not go on."

Gim hugs her once more. the feeling of him by her made it easy on her.

"I'm still worryed Gim. there were. storys going about."

"like what?"

"that them people were taking young girls and doing bad things. and even stranger stuff."

Gim at this point had to hear it. even he was worryed about Tagiri. he had never seen her like that befor. and he had to know the news, he knew it would not be well but had to hear. or so he felt.

"there were storys of these missing girls being found dead in very bad ways cut up like cult stuff........but worse of all the strange storys of inhuman things having a hand in it as well. some people said they saw this happen one night in town. this man. I'm not sure who he was. turn into this lizard thing. and how this cult was tied to them."

Gim stops and thinks for a moment

"no it can't be right."

"what Gim?"

she asks this time with fear in her voice.

"its nothing. do not worry I will not let anything happen to you ever. you should rest though. I'm sure it took some time just geting here. I'll send some one to take you to your room now."

"but what will you do Gim?"

Gim was more worryed about her story then he let her know but did not wish to cause her any more fear.

"I just need to check up on a few things I sent some of my men to do. I'll join you shortly Tagiri......wait for me my love."

she nods and lets one of the other knights take her to her room in wait of Gim. Gim walks into the ready room with the large round table and computer screems with full voice commands.

"computer open all longs in the last 6 months in regards to the reptilians and other ailen movement from that area!"

"loading.......plese wait......"

the computer replys in a mono tone female voice. Gim walks around the room as the info loads. then the computer replys

"there are three such reports reptilian activities in the area within the last six months."

"show me!"

Gim's eye goes over the display as the light from the computer shines over his face.

"no it can't be."

meanwhile Tagiri was waiting for Gim's return resting on the bed she nods off for a moment. she then wakes from the feel of a hand on her leg. she bolts and comes to. so her surprise her sister stands there in the room. as real as anything else but she also knows its not possible. her sister was more then 3 days travel from her at best.

"hello little sister!"

she tells Tagiri with a evil air to her.

"Tagitsu how did you get here?"

Tagiri pushs her self away from her sister in fear.

"oh its so easy for us Tagiri. you need not fear. we'll take good care of you now."

Tagitsu's tone was pure evil to her sister as she reached out to her.

"no what has happened to you Tagitsu?!"

"something wonderfull."

she replys.

"no! stay back. Gim! oh god! I know what you and the others did to the other girls. you hurt them then killed them!"

"oh Tagiri all us pretty girls are play things for them. play till you die!"

she puts her hand out to Tagiri trying to grab her.


Tagiri reachs out and snaps one of her sisters fingers. green slime comes out instead of blood. she hised at Tagiri. just then she could hear the sound of Gim's voice just outside the room talking to one of his men


she screems out in a cough. Tagitsu's face become inhuman as she rolls under Tagiri's bed as to get away. Gim hears and enters.

"whats wrong!"

he asks he sees her in the bed having some kind of attack. almost like choking.

"its okay! your safe with me! its not real your having a bad dream Tagiri!"

Tagiri snaps to just then

"no no no! it was not a bad dream! shes under the bed!"

Gim ducks to see but finds nothing.

"there is nothing there."

"no she was hear, it was my sister!"

Gim was confused but ordered his knights to look around.

"check the area. and make sure to check the security system as well. make sure no one has come in!"

"no Gim she used her dark arts to enter as they all do!"

Gim hugs Tagiri as tears roll down her face. the night goes on and they found no signs that anyone entered the castle. all Gim could do was feel puzzled by what had happened last night. meanwhile trouble was coming from other ends as well. prince Lot was at a meeting with a assassin in order to stop Kirby and the other from finding princess Rosalina. siting in a turny chair (office chair) a woman sat with long blonde hair and full blue combat sute. she slowly turns to face prince Lot

"Nina.....Immanuel.........Williams. at your service prince."

"I'm sure by now you know they put knights to look for are princess! this will make matters harder now. no one must know of are work together!"


Nina tells him

"so your not worryed?"

"no...of coruse not dear prince. I can handle all of them."

prince Lot did not take kind to her attitude to the situation and snaps at her.

"***damnit! its are heads if this goes wrong!"

Nina stays cool though

"oh prince. you need not worry so. I'll fix it. the knights are nothing for me to deal with.........the princess will be dead as well soon enough. give me a chance."

"make it good! make it real good!"

"of coruse prince. for are new age. anything. are NOVUS ORDO SECLORUM! I'll fine you lost princess."

"Nina's eyes go cold and evil.