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is there a movie where your love of puppies and cinema collide.

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finally some spam that makes sense for this site.

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its all about rouge warrior april fool mother fucka.

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its all about rouge warrior april fool mother fucka

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I'm not great at video games and I thought the game was a cake walk. I would play it at the normal difficulty and not the easiest one.

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@49th: yeah if it look interesting to you I would check it out. I'ts on sale too.

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When Patrick posted the trailer for the ios game Hundreds I was intrigued, but it was one of those annoying trailers that tell you nothing about the game. So here I’ll tell you.

As you might expect it’s a puzzle game based on numbers. You start the game with grey circles that have a 0 in them. When you touch them they grow bigger and the number on them goes higher. The goal is to get those circles to add up to 100.

The trick is that while you touching the circles and they turn red. If the circle you’re touching touches another circle or anything else in the play field, it’s game over. Also the circles bounce off each other as they move. Depending on the size of the circle the circle will bounce fast or slow. So a part of this game is controlling how the circles bounce off each other by controlling their size. On some of the puzzles, they start out moving and you have to figure out when it’s safe to touch the circles.

But the real beef of the game comes from the various objects they add to the puzzles. There are dotted lines that connect the circles where you have to touch the circles on both ends for them the grow. There are play pause circles that you control the movement of. There is even a chainsaw that shirks down any circle that touches it to zero.

It’s those objects that make the game interesting and the challenge comes from dealing with all those objects while still having to worry about the circles bouncing off each other. The way the objects and bouncing circles interact is actually pretty mind bending.

Of the 25 levels I’ve played I think the game is pretty interesting. 25 levels in I still feel like there still ramping up on the challenge and how mind bending the puzzles can be. For a game that has a lot of mechanics going on, they ease you into it pretty well. I still wish games like this would explain when they introduce a new mechanic instead of you just randomly trying stuff until you figure it out.

I like the clean simple look to the game, but I feel like the overall presentation needs a little something. The music is just generic synth drone and I would have liked to have some real music. The clean look works for the gameplay really well and that’s the most important thing with all games. But the look of the game is a bit too simple it just feels a little drab and lacking in personality, the game just needs something visual to make the game stand out and keep you playing.

I would still recommend this game to people that like puzzle games on their iphone or ipad. The way the objects and circles interact will keep those fans intrigued and challenged.

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I love love your reviews so more of those.

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@Dogma: yeah I probably should have written more about it. It did have that tactile feeling. It was also the main part where I talked to the kid the most. If they built a whole level around it, it would get boring but just for that metal challenge it was great.