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@trafalgarlaw: 19 year old grown man is a ridiculous statement. 5 Years isn't enough? What is? 10? Literally half of the life he's had spent in prison?

Let me be clear. I'm not defending anyones actions here. Swatting is terrible.
Do we really think that something like this happens because they're evil people looking to cause as much harm as possible so they should be kept away from society as long as we can. Or is it they don't realise how serious their actions are and how terribly you can effect someone's life.

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I liked all the gaming stuff, obviously, but I loved Butters talking about game of thrones obsession with gay/flaccid penises. Knowing South Park, I get a feeling that's going to be the next episodes pay off in some way.

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Not from Pc Gamer that's for sure! Am I right folks?!



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Honestly, if you search Hearthstone on twitter you'll see people talking about giveaways. Just be careful. There's a tonne of scams going around. And odds are you're not gonna win anything so don't get your hopes up.
But hey, otherwise happy hunting dude! Just one more person to compete against for the golden key.

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I'm glad I'm not alone here. I love TF2 but the complete lack of teamwork on all the servers I find is infuriating. It seems to be normal to have 3 spies and 3 snipers regardless of colour. I just want to find one of the old classic servers with teamwork and people trying to think tactically.

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I dunno. I can see it as a reminder to hug your friends a bit tighter. Plus binary looks cool and it has to say something.
But as always, think about it for a while.

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I'll join to help the Dollhouse lovers. Obviously you can see that Buffy and Angel are both totally worth it.

Dollhouse is a harder sell. It's a slow burn for sure. The first couple of episodes make it seem like a kinda offbeat procedural but then you start to realise that the larger narrative of the show is moving along. Then eventually the "Case of the week" is suddenly thrown out the window and the large story unfolds.

Buffy and Angel is awesome but hella long. If you're looking to watch a smaller contained story with a beginning, middle and end, watch Dollhouse.

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@CornBREDX: Clerks 2 is pretty much about that transition. In his 20's he made Clerks and in his 30's he made Clerks 2. The film is basically the story of his life. He tried to move away from what he knew, tried to expand his horizons but he just found himself in, relatively, the same position.

Where Clerks was about Dantes inability to either settle with his life or try to improve it, Clerks 2 is about how after all these years he still can't decide whether to improve or settle.

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I've liked most of his films. He's kinda got to the point where he's just making movies for himself and his fans. Luckily I'm one of them.

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@Sooty said:

@Chontamenti said:

I downloaded Episode 1 - 4 and did'nt touch it yet. I wait for Episode 5, so I can play the whole Season in one sitting. Avoided any spoilers.. so I'm very excited! ^_^

I wouldn't advise that, it can get pretty tedious playing the "games" even just one episode at a time, they are great but the game parts of them are pretty annoying. Might not be as bad on a mouse but having to control it with the pads gets annoying, feels so slow moving the pointer around.

and that would be like a 14 hour sitting since each every episode since the first has been 2-3 hours long.

This week I played through all four episodes for the first time. An episode a day. I'd say it's a viable option. I guess I've found myself being very consistent with my choices because I remember everything.

But all in one day? I think it'll be way too much. By then end I'm sure you won't be as emotionally engaged. You'll just be tired and want the game to finish.