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July is now my least favorite month


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how would you feel about Spectre Marines ?

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forget about raiding japan's best old games boutique

GB and CBSi need to get into that action

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Spelunky co-op ? :p

most likely PSO 2

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@hankrazorbeard said:

Flip that sucker on it's side - Xbox Infinity.

@Sploder said:

Maybe it's a vertically placed infinite symbol, to mislead you into believing it's called Xbox 8. XBOX INFINITE

I'm going to join you guys, but boy infinity does sound like a lame car model

I hope they pull a kinect/natal on this one and turn it into something even more generic

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they probably should have buy vivendi out of activision, but it's at least more usefull than instagram or yammer

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@Cloneslayer: seriously ? Mike Miller ? Oo

for my part I'm glad to see Eddy Cury joining the likes of Adam Morrison

It's nice to see Miami play with 6 guys for a change, a preview of next year maybe ? the sad thing is that Westbrook is going to be the scapegoat for OKC

I guess I was wrong 5 years ago when I said that Lebron couldn't win if he was the best player in his team, and I tip my hat to Battier

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I guess 1200 is the new 800, glad not to see a 16

now Wreckateer allmost look like a deal

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@CitizenKane: the reason I'm not dismissing the series ending in 5 games is because of the format and Miami getting 3 home game in a row

the matchups are promising, but I'm still not completly over missing out on a Westbrook - Rondo duel (not to mention a Duncan - Garnett)

anyway if the coachs don't turn this into a freethrow contest every 4th quarter It might be one to remember

@D0tti: Rose last year allmost scared me, I really don't want another Brandon Roy :'(

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3 weeks ago I would have bet my next paycheck that the west was going to win it and that the trophy was staying in Texas

and then I saw game 6 of the eastern final, and if Lebron is back at that level it's going to be quick.

I wouldn't shock me if Miami wins in 5, it will disgused me, but it's not like I would chear for the zombie-Sonics in a game 7

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