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More than a few tears have been shed today. Goodbye to someone that has been with me and made me smile at work, at home, and on long drives all over the place. Ryan, you felt like a friend and so many will miss you. The most heartfelt love goes out to Anna, Jeff and all his family, friends and colleagues.

Thank you for everything. I will miss you.

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19:20 Wed : Both sold now. Thanks for all your interest.

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[please excuse me posting this; it isn't a sales ad. I ordered 1 pack of CAH Expansion-3 via CAH's own international Shopify store in Canadia, and Max and his crew accidentally sent me 3 packs instead of just the one. It would cost more than these are worth to send them back across the Atlantic, so I want to pass them on to anyone that wants them here]

Wed 19:17 GMT Update: Both of these packs have gone now, sorry.

Hi UK duders,

I have one --possibly two-- sets of Expansion 3 that are surplus to my needs. They are brand new and still shrink-wrapped.

You can have them on a "PayPal me any amount you want" basis (as long as you are happy to cover the postage and packing cost of 3 quid). I need to get these out by tomorrow's post (Thursday 9th) at latest.

Please note that this is just the 100-card expansion pack. If you don't have the main game, these will be a bit limiting to get started with.

Please (no longer) PM me if you are interested.

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Hey, British CAH fans, I have 2 extra virginal, pristine, cellophane-wrapped copies of Expansion Pack 3 land on my desk that I don't need. Since i'm in a nice generous mood, i'm willing to offer first dibs to fellow duders here. I'm happy to ship them within the mainland UK to anyone that is willing to cover the postage, or for any amount they wish to donate. Drop me a PM if you're interested.

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@rchen Great work, that's validating perfectly now. Many thanks!

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I've reported this in the bug reporting forum, for those of you with podcatchers that perform strict XML validation and therefore are still unhappy (e.g. doggcatcher).

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Content in, at least, the description field are not being correctly encoded for XML. HTML entities such as right-single-quote (’) are being passed through without encoding. These entities are not defined in XML, so validating parsers will reject the file and fail to load the feed (e.g. Doggcatcher on Android, which uses the Expat XML parser)

An example in the current bombcast feed at is line 42, column 200. The description for "Giant Bombcast 02-12-2013" (GUID 1600-379) contains an illegal rsquo entity.

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I'd love to hear some stories from some of the bigger Jams in other locations.

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That atmosphere and the level of support that was shown to these guys during presentations was --without intention of hyperbole-- overwhelming. The fact that they stuck it through and did their best to just enjoy the weekend and get something done, says so much about both the two individuals and the feel of the jam itself. The raucous whoops and laughter of appreciative co-jammers made me feel joyously positive about the whole event --and i wasn't even there. It really was an emotionally powerful moment.

One of the most wonderful things is that in the few days that followed, the pair received a host of requests from game developers around the world asking to be allowed to work with Cody and Kari to help turn Secret Dad into a finished product. What a great little story!