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Hope you continue the fine tradition of doing dumb things with Random PC games. Glad to see you back Rorie.

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Is the charity THQ?

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This is different. A group buying up a controlling stake in the company is different from it just being publicly traded. Courting a buyer like they are doing is completely different. The New York Post might be a Murdoch paper but they wouldn't print a completely made up financial news story because they would be sued so fucking fast.

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This sounds like a definite pass. 20 dollars is double what they are offering is worth. New characters in a game that already has a lot isn't a big selling point and a new dungeon that is just hours of arena combat sounds tedious at best. The story is the only thing BG1 has going for it anyway, BG2 was a much better game. Even when playing with the kits and such from BG2, BG1 is a good story with fairly average gameplay. This team won't be adding much to the story it sounds like since that is already set in stone and it will just be some meaningless side adventure. Also Beamdogs own download service exclusive? What a joke.

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@PeasantAbuse: There have certainly been cases of games being dumped without ceremony at poor times of the year for sales. A situation where the publisher feels like the game won't have a chance at success anyway.

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Did EA put this game out to die a quiet death? Today I was kinda surprised when no one I talked to knew about the game, knew it was coming out or even knew what it was. On the other gaming forums I go to no one is talking about the game. There just seems to be zero hype for the game. Anyone else getting this feeling?