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Mine was the Shaun White's Skateboarding quick look. The rant about 'the man' and Stride gum made me laugh so much I just had to see more.

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Oh my, I don't really know what to make of this as I'm an old fart who stumbled upon Giant Bomb by accident and have no idea who or what CBS/Gamespot is. All I know is these guys have produced the most awesome content and have made me laugh like a drain on many an occasion. I subscribed to help fund this craziness and also because of the integrity of the staff, I firmly believe that Jeff or Ryan would never willingly sell us down the river or ever compromise the content we've all enjoyed.

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My first console? A Snes because I thought Unirally looked like a boss. Gaming experience would be Ant Attack on the ZX81 or a really weird driving game that didnt have a screen as such but rolls of paper, one of which would drop down with an explosion painted on it when you crashed.

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I'd love to see a remake of Quazatron/Paradroid. Only because I loved the battle mechanic in those games when you take over other robots, a smart update would be lovely.

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I'm 37 and my first gaming experience was Ant Attack on the ZX81. Looking back, it's astonishing that someone made an isometric 3D game on, even at the time, such a primitive machine.

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Oh my, that's a wesome.

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AAA title? Well it's got a Lucadore gang in it.

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I assume this is for pc only, but wouldn't it be nice if console owners could share in the user created levels, maybe a best of pack or something?