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Atomic element number 6, Atomic weight 12, 4th group (from left discounting transition metals groups)

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Most Painful Use of Sharp Objects - Nominees:

  • Mirrors - Splinter Cell Conviction
  • Butcher's Knife or Scissors - Heavy Rain
  • Shards of Glass - Call of Duty: Black Ops

Best Explosions - Nominees:

  • Just Cause 2
  • Call of Duty: Black Ops
  • Medal of Honor (I dunno)

In addition to the following categories:

  • Best Multiplayer That No-One Played
  • Worst Multiplayer That No-One Played 
  • Best Sequel
  • The Game That Most Warrants a Sequel
  • Best Game Based On an Old Franchise
  • Best Soundtrack Not In a Rhythm Game
  • Best DSiWare and/or WiiWare Description/Blurb
  • Best World You Had Fun Exploring
  • Best Atmosphere In a Game
  • Most Pointless Game That Shouldn't Exist
  • Most Confusing Game 
  • The Game With The Most Unnecessary RPG Mechanics
  • Best Portable Game That Should Have Been Made for Consoles 
  • Worst Name For a Game Not Developed in Japan
  • Best Non-US Developed Game
  • Most Surprisingly Deep Game
  • The Game You Regret Playing The Most
  • The Game You Wish You Had Played The Most
  • The Game You Wish You Had The Time to Enjoy
  • Most Enjoyable Quick Look To Film
  • The Game You Wish Had Spent Just a Bit More Time in Production
  • The "50 Cent & Nathan Drake Award" For Best Villain In a Game
  • Best Protagonist
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Hold on a minute. So an MMO that didn't have the words "World of Warcraft" in it's title has been unsuccesful?....I don't believe it.

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Yes I definitely like both games quite a lot and Max Payne as a character. 

<--------- As you can probably tell.

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It's unfortunately raised some concerns about Dead Rising 2, among other things. Firstly the most frustrating thing I could envision - if it does come to fruition - is having to constantly be scavenging for Zombrex in order to give Katey a shot every 12 hours, which considering how scarce they seem to be and how quickly 12 hours will probably pass in the main game could get quite annoying.
Also while it's good that you can move and shoot, only being able to travel by means of a casual jog is very disappointing, hopefully faster means will become available in Dead Rising 2. And finally, not to berate the combat anymore but the boss fight is severely stacked in his favour. Superfluous health bars are one thing, but to be sniped by a shotgun from a large distance whilst trying to get behind cover only because you can't run fast enough is aggrivating to say the least. And the timer feature can be a hit or miss depending on what your doing in game.
I think though that multiple playthroughs are essential because in trying to do everything on my first playthrough I ultimately accomplished nothing.

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If only all developers took 8 years to make a game.....

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Definitely enjoying these video streams.

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Well which re-skin's predecessor did you enjoy more? The game you should play should be the re-skin of that game.

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Possibly, but I think this is just a back up plan for Activision in case things go south with Infinity Ward.
I remain personally skeptical however that Bungie can produce anything other than Halo to the quality they're happy with when releasing a Halo game, but I would like to be proven wrong.