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Probably only around 300k or something. I seldom walk around with that many souls on me tbh. As long as there are things to buy or level up.

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Hipster issue, indeed.

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<> *hug*

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Easily the worst news I've had in forever. God damn it! I'm shocked, truly. You will be missed, Ryan. Rest in peace, you big ball of fun and bad movie quotes. You gave me so many hours of entertainment, and I will never forget it, or you. And I will cherish the memories even more. I've lost a brother...

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Those damn Wipeout QLs were fantastic also. Vinny and Ryan. Oh god, the tears.

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thanks i'll look into those and start copying them over.

They still don't exist. :)

I guess you guys have to prioritize, but, well, it would be nice to get the content since I missed those two videos. Not busting your balls, just saying, lol. I am helping with the bug-squashing in a sense. ^^

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we missed a couple of batches and I'm copying them over right now. The TNT's take particularly long just because of how big they are. They should be in by the end of the weekend.

Both the WCW/nWo Encyclopedia video and "Because You Could Always Use Another Copy of Too Human" are still broken. The files don't exist.

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Back to Bed seems really cool.