My Favorite Games

The hardest list to compile, for obvious reasons. I'll keep a max-cap on 50~ish entries, just to keep myself from adding every good game I can think of (I've played quite a lot of games in my life). I will also keep some franchises short (2 at max), sometimes mentioning several games in a single entry, otherwise they might clutter things up pretty quick (Final Fantasy and Zelda, I'm looking at you).

The list is not really in strict order either, for the most part, but the higher a game is on the list the more it means to me. Probably. The absolute top bunch are the best of the best.

I edit this list often - I'll never finish it. That's a given. Still, it brings some insight into the world of my most beloved games.

List items

Posted by Humanity

Great list really took me down memory lane with some of those titles and motivated me to make my own list!

Posted by Chemin

Thank you. Glad to help!