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A Recommendable Yet Forgettable Weekend Rental 0

 Blur is the perfect weekend rental. Fast cars, superb graphics, and an easy pick up and play mentality. Nearly everyone has played a kart racer before and will understand how to use its numerous power-ups in order to beat the crowds but despite all these positive qualities the game suffers from a real lack of authentic character and style. The game is artificially lengthened with singleplayer and online stat grinds which ultimately will have you becoming disinterested and ready for your next...

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An Odd Fantastical Adventure Posing as Survival Horror 0

Clock Tower 3 is a weird little game.  It poises itself as a survival horror game but is mostly an adventure title with light action elements.  While it is not terribly frightful, its focus on story makes this 6 hour game a nice little diversion.  As Alyssa Hamilton, an English school girl, you'll try to get to the bottom of a family mystery and the disappearance of your mother.  This will lead Alyssa back in time and space to places such as bombed out World War II London and other biza...

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A Stain on Survival Horror's Record 0

As a fan of all things pulpy, gothic, and mysterious a title like Nocturne seems like a surefire thing.  A secret U.S. Government organization known as "Spookhouse" is tasked with eliminating supernatural threats across the globe.  You'll fill the role of their trench-coat wearing top agent known as the Stranger and travel to such varied locales as Germany, Chicago, France, and even small town Texas to eradicate werewolves and vampires.  I am a sucker for these Lovecraftian adventures but unfort...

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High Intensity Eye Candy but the Game's a Dud 0

Big Bang Mini never rises above being simple interactive eye candy because of its gameplay problems and inconsistencies, one of which is explained in plain text within its opening tutorial.  But as you play past these issues, you'll probably have a fun experience flinging technicolor fireworks at floaty oddball enemies in a Space Invaders-style shooter.  While the experience may be forgettable you're left with the impression that Arkedo studios has a real concern with keeping things ...

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A Cutesy Trinket 0

An Arkedo studio game is guaranteed to be coated in a distinct charm and whimsy.  Pixel! is a fine example of their talents at work.  The eye-catching graphics really pop and the music is snazzy and fun.  But when it comes to the actual game, nearly all gamers will find Pixel! to be a hum-drum platformer that retreads ancient territory.  As a blocky blue cat you'll jump on the heads of space mice and waltzing apples.  You'll leap over triangula...

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A Dungeon Crawl at Full Sprint 0

Playing Nox is like dashing through an obstacle course coated in the best of high fantasy trappings. You'll test your mettle against devious traps, exploding fireballs, hordes of wizards and skeletons galore in this isometric action game. Its strongest feature is the solid mouse and hotkey gameplay that still holds up 10 years after Nox's retail ...

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Fizzles Out Too Soon 0

 If you're expecting more than three character playthroughs for Torchlight, you should probably invest your gaming dollar and time elsewhere. While Torchlight mimic's the near endless replayability of Diablo II, a seasoned gamer will quickly see how thin the meat is on Torchlight's bones.  The way it scales difficulty is uninteresting and boring.  Although the game seems to have good reason to play through again, once you discover what makes Torchlight tick you'll be on to the next game.  ...

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A Cowardly Game 0

Assassin's Creed II is the John Wilkes Booth of assassin video games. Sure you've murdered your target, but you've also clumsily leapt off a banister (possibly cracking your leg in two) and you have half the goddamn country chasing you from Ford's Theatre. At its simple core, that is Assassin's Creed II's gameplay. To an onlooker, your actions make you look like a stumbling, blundering idiot. Is that what you signed up for when you decided to play a game called Assassin's Creed? Probably not, bu...

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Buffy the Backwards Compatible Slayer 0

  The Slayer might have ground The Master's bones to dust but in Buffy Summer's console debut that Nosferatu-wannabe attempts to, uh, rise from his grave. This third-person action game plays out like a “lost episode” in which Buffy defends the high school against an undead attack, tries to rescue a kidnapped Willow, and even kicks Spike's ass. The game really nails the charm and campiness of the television series with strong voice-acting and one-liners bu...

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