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@thechronodarkness said:

As arcadey as project gotham was, it simulated driving WAYYY better than gran turismo ever has.

That made me laugh out loud.
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Ok, my original code now works when I go to the Playstation Store. Looks they have finally fixed their shit, but leaves a really bad taste in my mouth the whole thing.
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@HadesTimes said:

OK, so I don't understand, why can't folks just return the game and get an exchange for the same thing, that would most likely have the code? Or have the store open the new game and give the person the code out of it. I don't understand why this is such a huge issue? It's the store's problem, not ours.

I mean what if you got a blender and it was missing a piece? Would you call the company and complain or would you just return it for an exchange?

Same thing...

Because it looks like none of the codes work at all, getting a new dud code ain't gonna fix anything, it's a problem with the software or something that redeems codes. It's not really the same thing, it's like sending the blender back because there was a blackout.
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I own both of these games, and am a long time GT fan. Luckily I don't feel the need to hate Gran Turismo 5, despite it's parts that are a little disappointing, shadows and spray animation the most annoying. But these are both excellent games, Gran Turismo has no equal when it comes to a driving sim, but having said that the sim in Forza kicks butt as well, and the level of detail they give you to modify your cars really hits the spot with me. I am a car enthusiast, and am currently modifying a car IRL as well so being able to go into great detail with upgrading engine internals in Forza 3 and now 4 is really satisfying, and I do like how the AI will actually race you in Forza. Gran Turismo really has a serious competitior now and I hope they notice, because if they do then driving games are really going to get unreal as they both compete for our attention and laptimes.

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Has anyone followed these steps and actually received a response and been able to download their content?

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I just went to the Playstation store and discovered that my Catwoman code doesn't work, I have no idea how to get this taken care of, does anyone know who I email? PSN? The developers? After reading that the Catwoman stuff starts early in the game this is pretty bogus, really wanted to check out the start before getting some work done.

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Same Here! 
" Oh shit that's hot.  I would buy the fuck out of that shirt. "
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@teh_pwnzorer said:
" @KaosAngel said:
" If it came out in the summer I'd consider, but it's too close to GT5 and GT5 has F1 (not known to what extent), but it's still too damn close to GT5. "
...but F1 2010 has Suzuka! :-P "
GT5 has suzuka as well
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I don't know if any of this is true or not, only just started playing the game, but I do find it interesting that the thread over at Codemasters is closed. If there is no such problem with the game and Codemasters have nothing to hide, then why would they close the thread, which in the end is totally speculation anyway. 
As for some of the comments over there, including one that says it's a great base to build on and we should be happy to pay just so they can get it better next time, well that is utter fucking rubbish. Games are expensive enough without happily paying for flawed titles, especially here in Australia where the game current retails for $110, despite the fact that the dollar here is almost 1:1 with USD. 
I really hope that this shit isn't true, I love Formula 1, and the last thing F1 needs is shit developers and games ruining their gaming reputation. It doesn't help that nimrods like Bernie Ecclestone are probably deciding who gets to make these games, and he probably doesn't even know what a fucking PS3 is. Shameful.

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