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So Steam, the digital distribution system, is having a massive Christmas and New Year sale! Great! And, unlike many sales, there are some amazing savings.

STALKER: Clear Sky for £10
Bioshock for £3.
Every ID game (all of the Quakes and all of the Dooms) for £20.
Portal for £3.
All of the Warhammer: Dawn of War games for £15.
Every Unreal game (the series, not the engine) for £10.
Every Valve game for £40.
And some really retro classics for £1.

I'm thinking of picking up all of the Unreal games, mainly for the Tournament games (and their modding community), and STALKER - which I've always contemplated buying but never bothered because of the £20 price-tag.

So get on down to Steam... well you don't actually have to go down any where; it can all be done with a mouse and keyboard!

PS. The only real drawback to this is that Steam in the UK is now in Pound Sterling - a move made because of the ever declining dollar.

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God knows. "Tradition"?

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Indeed, I guessed that. 

But I'm rather good at FPS games. And that's an understatement.

Also, I played the previous two games to death.
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So Merry, Merry Christmas everyone and all that other festive stuff.

Now on to the nerdy bits.

What has everyone got for Christmas, gaming wise? I'm still yet to open anything (14:13 GMT, 25/12/08)! I'm hoping for Left 4 Dead off my parents, World in Conflict off my Brother and Medieval 2: Total War and Battlefield 2 off other people.

In preparation for Battlefield 2, and as a result of listening to some of the Timesplitters soundtrack (for old times sake) I've made a new fan-trailer, which I havn't done for some time!


I'll add in here too, that my Game Of The Year has to be Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots and the worse game I've played this year, even if it didn't come out this year, is Two Worlds.

So I'll ask again. What game(s) have people got for Crimbo? And what do you hope for in the January-sales?
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The PC better damn well get some love in 2009. It wasn't exactly a fantastic year for the system. Far Cry 2 seemed like the only promising thing on the tables for me and I was massively disappointed by it - mainly because they switched focus to the consoles and dumbed it down massively in the processs. 

I'm looking forward to a decent Mirror's Edge PC port (hopefully it will be alright, because they're having to put some work into Nvidia's PhyX system) and Empire: Total War which shouldn't disappoint, it being the next in a series of long-running successful titles.
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Crysis has been on Steam for ages and that's EA.

EDIT: Pounds on Steam is an absolute fucking rip-off! £35 for Far Cry 2!? I got it in a shop for £25 on launch.
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Part 3! That's, like, bigger than Part 2!

I was inspired by the creepiness that is F.E.A.R so I made this:

No creepy little girl though.

And some nice soul from Facepunch Studios edited one of my previous pictures with Photoshop. It's a little low-resolution but I still like it (the original version is in Part 1):

"Johnson's Down!"

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Yes I'm so big-headed I'm doing sequels to my blogs!

So I did a new Garry's Mod pose today... and tried to edit it really badly using GIMP (free photo-editing software, not as good as Photoshop but better than Photoshop Elements). 

It's one of the PMCs from Metal Gear Solid 4 sniping while a UH60 Black Hawk passes by behind. I took the screen on a Half-Life 2 level which is why there are Combine walls and The Citadel in the background. It didn't bother me too much as this is supposed to be kind of 'near-future'... and lots of crazy shit goes down in Metal Gear anyway so as far as I'm concerned; anything goes!

Comments and criticism please:

"One down..."

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Lol at all the people who were thinking MGS4 would be released for 360.

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Who cares they're both really average?

Flame away...