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Yeah I hated all the crap in San Anreas but it must be said I messed about on that game solidly for months. I certainly didn't do that on GTA IV.

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Thanks everyone. I've got another FF7-themed pose in the works and, after watching the movie again, I might post a bit of Iron-Man themed stuff. Watch this space people!

Yeah, and that's you on the floor after trying one of your heroic charges.
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Orange Box

Far Cry 2 (just to show off what your PC can do in terms of graphics)

Garry's Mod (once you have the Orange Box)

World in Conflict (it looks amazing and if you're playing on a PC you might as well take advatage of at least one RTS)
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GTA IV was good... but nothing compared to San Andreas or Vice City or No. 3. Portal. Get Portal. Depending on whether you bother with the advanced challenges and stuff it might only last your four hours but who cares? It's amazing. And if you're getting it for PC you can always just download more maps.

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Hm... I'd say the big reason I didn't get it is the same reason I got sick of Oblivion after a while (despite how good it is): the animations SUCK. Really. Bethesda really need a new animating team. Picky I know... and yet why should I spend my money on mediocrity?

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Thanks a lot guys.

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Been messing about on Gmod a lot more recently and have found my self really getting into "posing". 

Basically this means you spawn a limp ragdoll of a character and manipulate every limb (including all of the fingers and utilising Source's fantastic facial expressions engine) to get them looking how you want them. Then you can mess with lost of post-processing effects and particle effects in-engine to get it looks just how you want it. Also, many people go on to use Photoshop or a similar program to edit the screenshots further.

Anyway, here's one pose I made on a remake of the Call of Duty 4 map, "Vacant". The saturation was changed slightly with GIMP (yes a funny name I know), a free Photoshop-style program:

US Marines under fire from Russian soldiers.

This is another pose I made. This is Final Fantasy VII themed. It has been made on a completely empty map so I made the church floor and added in all the flowers, benches and the roof rafters and obviously the characters. This is currently my desktop wallpaper too! All in-engine (apart from the text):

"Will you be my bodyguard?"

Hope you like these! Expect more in the future... well not after Christmas - I'll have far too much to play then!
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Woo! Don't you dare disrespect Teras Kasi (I'm worried that you can still spell that) - that game was so awesome! I remember how overly powered Bobba Fett was and how annoyed you would get that I'd pistol Luke to death. Haha!

Yay! Can't wait for World in Conflict. I need to go out and buy you some points!
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Lmao you're such a points-hoar! 

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Valve: fast, efficient and effective. They're Steam-powered after all.


Oooh I do crack myself up.