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Thanks and I think it should be allowed on the site. I also did the wiki for Insurgency, another 3rd-party mod and that was allowed up. I think mods should be allowed mainly because the good ones are full games, in a sense, and just because they are free does not mean they are any less respectable than retail games.
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Thanks guys. I've done wikis for my two favourite games that no one else has bothered to do anything for so I'm out of ideas now!...

... I might just go and edit all the ones about weapons because they're all pretty much wrong.
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Bandwidth? What in God's name has bandwidth got to do with video graphics? And mabye the 360 can run MGS4, but an incredibly dumbed down version with far less hi-resolution textures, especially on smaller, less important models, and far reduced particle effects.
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I can imagine there is going to be a spin-off game that will be released on all consoles. Don't worry though PS3 fans - Metal Gear Solid 4 is not going to be released on XB360 simply because the console is, quite frankly, not powerful enough.

Now don't get me wrong, I own a 360 and a PC and I would consider myself a 'PC-Gamer' but let's face the facts: the PS3 is more powerful than the 360 and MGS4 is far too hardware intensive (if you've seen the Shadow Moses bit you'll know what I'm on about) to be played on the 360. I wish it could be though, as a 360 port would mean a PC port and I'd love to be able to play MGS4 again (I played it on my brother's PS3).
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So no more moderation for me!

This mainly comes from my 666 (freaky number I know) points from the Insurgency wiki I wrote and the recent wiki for Black Mesa for which I recieved 419 points.

Go me!

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I've got to give you my vote!

Story: Metal Gear
Graphics: Far Cry
Action/Adventure: GTA
Arcade: N/A*
Racing: N/A*
Sports: N/A*
Shooter: Brothers in Arms
Strategy: N/A*
Multiplayer: L4D

Metal Gear

*I havn't even played a game in this category this year!

This really makes me realise I'm too into shooters! Actually, I have played loads of strategy games this year but they're all from at least a year ago.

Metal Gear has to be Game of the Year (oooh I'm a poet!) as long as you've played the previous games. Speaking of which I hate it when people say "ooh it's a downside that if you haven't played the earlier games you won't like it or know what's going on"... well no shit: it's not like you'd see Star Wars Episode VI if you hadn't seen the other two.

Anyways yeah... tiny rant over!

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Now we need a page for Black Mesa: Source. And I want to write it - been following this mod for almost three years now. And why shouldn't it have a page? Insurgency has a page.

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You really expect people to remake SNES and Megadrive games? You live in a dream world, sir.

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This isn't official, it's not made or endorsed by Valve. It's a 3rd party mod. Read the blog better and you would understand that.

Valve are hard at work making Half-Life: Episode 3.
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No, it's a remake of the original.