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Ah right, haha sorry. Bit of an angry comment from me there.

...*cough* I'll try not to embarass my self in the future.
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Black Mesa Source has been in the works for at least three years now and there was a time when I thought this mod for Half-Life 2 had gone dead. Alas this trailer proves otherwise.


I seriously think this looks amazing and even if you care not for Half-Life, one must appreciate all the work that has gone into this mod, especially knowning that everything is done from scratch, even the voice acting, to avoid legal issues.

Forget mod of the year, I'm hoping this will be my game of the year.

PS. If this dissapoints I'm going to commit suicide. 
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The question is something along the lines of:

"Which army(ies) is Battlefield 2 have the AK47 as the default weapon for the assault and medic classes?"

And the answer to that is the PLA (Chinese Army) only. Instead, the answer is PLA and MEC. I don't even own the game and I know that the MEC use the AK-101 - a completely different weapon from the AK47.

Rather annoying, especially as all it takes to check whether it's right or wrong is a trip to the official website.
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Damn, Tom. Stop making us sound like spies or something.

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Yeah I saw this a couple of weeks ago. It's pretty awesome I think, I really like it. Can't wait for the full version.

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There's downsides to all the bosses I think when both playing as or against them.

The Hunter is almost impossible to hit but is also the most vunerable boss when doing its attack move.

The Smoker irritatingly constricts you and manages to get to spots that make it hard for you team mates to hit. However is also has almost no health.

The Boomer can bring a whole hoard down on you and, unless you've got somewhere good to hide really close by, that pretty much means you're going to go down. On the flip-side, it also dies really fast and can damage zombies near it with its blast.
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Lmao, Tom.

I don't know what I'm going to do about L4D. It's definetly you and Ben all the way - that's a given.

I don't know who I want the other person to be though. I'll think I'd like to play it with Joe seperatly, as I know we'll just end up in an argument if you and Ben are around. So Matt or David? That's the decision. Personally I'd say Matt. David is really bad at L4D.
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Sir_Ragnarok said:
"Death_Burnout said:
"I Will say the Tank is a one said juggernaut, on expert he's a real monster, i wouldn't know about versus since thats not my kinda thing."
I actually have no idea what the Tank plays like in Versus mode.  I can't imagine it being as destructive as it's campaign counterpart, though."
I've seen some footage of it in Versus and, although I'm not entirely sure the person playing was any good, it doesn't seem anyway near as much as a monster as it does in campaign. One survivor back-pedalling manages to kill it with an M16 while only getting hit once and not going down.
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Apart from the Tank, they're all really easy to defeat if you stick together - even on Expert. 

On expert, being hit by Boomer vile pretty much means you'll go down, depending on where you can hide and the Tank is pretty much guaranteed to down, and kill, at least two team members in my experience. I'm surprised by how easy the witch is to kill really - it might kill in one hit but if you croud around her with auto-shotguns she goes down really quickly.
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... New games! Well... okay a few of them aren’t so new at all, but I have a lot of catching up to do with PC gaming.

The first older game is World in Conflict which came out in September of last year. It might be a year old now but WiC puts End War to utter shame. For those who don't know, WiC is a real-time-strategy game set in the 1980's and it tweaks history by ending the Cold War in a much less civilised manner; with the USSR invading the United States. The game is 100% combat - so no boring, tiresome base-building what so ever, just fast and furious action. World in Conflict is probably the first game to make real use of DirectX10 with fully 3D, physics-based smoke effects (look at some comparison screens between Dx9 and 10 versions of Crysis; they look different... but neither is better than the other). I really can't wait to get this game at Christmas (hopefully) - I'm completely hooked on the demo! 

The next old game is Medieval 2: Total War which came out around this time 2006. Much like WiC, the focus is on combat although in between huge, realistic real-time battles there is a turn-based map in which you must manage your armies' movement and political affairs (which usually entails declaring war or getting someone assassinated). Understandably, I'm more interested in the combat. The Total War series' fame is from its giant battles in which you can control thousands of men with realistic damage and movement. I always wanted this game when it came out and now I can finally play it I'm ignoring the thought that perhaps the visuals are slightly dated (especially when compared to the impeccable World in Conflict).

One of the NEW games I'm looking forward to (see: I'm not entirely cheap) is Left 4 Dead which I'll hopefully be getting for Christmas. I've already said enough about this in the previous two or three blogs, so I won't go into much detail. I'm planning to play the campaign through on Expert for a challenge... though with who I know not - I'm spoilt for choice with at least five friends getting it (so two will have to bugger off and sit out)!

Another new game is Mirror's Edge, which I've also banged on about for some time now. I'd have it already probably, but I'd rather wait for the PC version's release in January. Sadly, I'm waiting because they're sorting out some Nvidia PhysX thing that I won't even be able to take advantage on with my ATI video-card.

The final game that I'm losing sleep over is Empire: Total War. The latest Total War game takes place after 1700 and as such features a much more modern way of fighting battles with huge standing armies of musketeers and artillery backed up by cavalry. New features to the series include massive sea battles, a huge turn-based map spanning everywhere from the 'New World' to India and units being able to take cover and garrison inside buildings - a must for the small skirmishes that were much more common during the American Civil War, the Zulu Wars and other modern conflicts. Graphically the game has also had a huge upgrade from Medieval 2 but the giant battles that are the hallmark of the Total War series still remain.

So what are you looking forward to this holiday season, and what will be keeping you company in the cold, bleak months to follow? I know I'm gonna be just fine.