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Post your system spec and a screenshot of the problem. We can't help you if you don't give us more information, especially if you're having a problem no one else has ever experienced. That's a rule of PC tech forums: you want help? POST YOUR SYSTEM SPEC!


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I've got a worse system than that right now and I've never gotten any really bad graphical errors. The reason behind that is I have an ATI card. Basically, don't ever buy a graphics card that isn't Radeon or GeForce. No game support them and, although sometimes, you'll get lucky and have no problems, most of the time you're gonna get crap like that all over the screen. You can get a 256MB ATI or Nvidia card pretty cheap now, just invest in one of those I'd say.

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Ryu said:
"Thanks! That site is awesome! How did you find it?"

Please don't stalk me on the forums.
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Calm down? Now you've confused me and turned this into an argument, which I never intended it to be. Not once does my writing convey a sense of urgency or hostility, and as such I don't understand why you're telling me to "calm down". In fact, it is probably you that needs to calm down.

Regardless, if your facts be true that not many people visit and consequently, this saddens me. 90% of contraptions and therefore 90% of the fun I have on Garry's Mod uses something I've downloaded from couldn't live without it!

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A lot of the time I hate fog of war, especially when the view distance is horrifically short. The older Age of Empires games are a clear example of this: since when could a dude sat on top of an elephant only see in a three foot radius around him? It just doesn't make sense. I like fog of war to have quite large view distances, unless the terrain/environment should negate this (thick forrest, a snow storm etc.), and I like the whole map visible, just not the enemy units. I don't think it makes sense for the terrain to be hidden; what sort of commander goes into battle without having sent out some form of scouts before hand to recon the land? None I know.

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I'm just saying that I'm fairly suprised people have commented on this topic saying "thanks for the link; I've never used this site before" or words to that effect, especially as is linked on the official

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No offence, but it's hardly the most difficult site to find for Gmod content.

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How abouts you post any good Garry's Mod video you create or find here! There's a wealth of hilarious, and remarkable, videos out there on the net but they're not always as easy to find as Youtube. Help the world by posting here.

(remember to credit the creator(s) when posting a video that's not your own)