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I suppose you could say that this Fish is out of water now.... (I'm sorry I had to make the bad joke.) In reality though, I largely disagree with his opinion here, which normally I would be okay with because I mean, everyone has an opinion about something, and I can respect most people's opinions on things. From what I can tell though, Phil decided to be a total ass about it, and I completely disagree with that. Maybe if he would of said something more along the lines of "I don't really like most of your games but I can understand why some people might" instead of just flat out telling them that they all suck and should stop making games, I would care less, but just the way and the context it was in is kinda what gets to me here. I know nothing about Fez, so I'm not going to judge him on development cycle or anything like that, but you know what they say "No publicity is bad publicity" and damn, did he ever get some publicity today.

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I'm gonna throw my hat in on this one. Hint: this is from a horror series.

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That bottom one is Chargeman Ken! or something like that. I blame Chip Cheezum for my knowledge of that.

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anything from Dejobaan Games. Actually, let me narrow it down a tad. AaaaaAAaaaAAAaaAAAAaAAAAA!!! A Reckless Disregard For Gravity is pretty good, but they recently made an updated version for the same price that looks better and has more to do. If you're into Katamari and games like it (I assume there are other games like Katamari at least) you might like The Wonderful End Of the World, you basically play as a puppet for a goddess picking stuff up, it's interesting but short. If you're into weird music games, 1... 2... 3... Kick It (Drop That Beat Like An Ugly Baby) is okay, it's currently in a somewhat closed beta, in that you have to pay 10 bucks to get it, but if the company is having some smooth sailing right now a full version should drop within a few days. Also Bastion if for some reason you haven't played that yet.

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-Being able to stay underwater so long as you grab an air bubble (also an orchestra will follow you for 5 seconds before you die)

-Being able to take any damage, no matter how bad, even if you get impaled, so long as you're carrying a ring.

-Smash a TV with your face on it so that you get another life.

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Man, I remember playing Future on the original Xbox a few years ago. I never got to try the original though. Is there any differences between the two? I mean I would still get this either way. (assuming it also gets a Steam release, I don't own any consoles except the Wii...)

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You can go back a game and try out Trackmania Nations Forever (I might have gotten the name wrong) it's an entirely free game it just only features the Stadium setting that most people know.

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I S-Ranked 1... 2... 3... Kick It (Drop That Beat Like an Ugly Baby) I'm still waiting for that game to get out of Beta though.

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@Brunchies I still got one, add me on Steam

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I'm currently known as Erotic Monkey Bars just to let you know