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Final Fantasy 4 is sitting there. I really got to get back into that game :]

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So here it is, my history with the Nintendo Wii haha:

When the Nintendo Wii was first announced I instantly fell in love (Being a "diehard" Nintendo fan) and I just loved its idea of innovating the gaming industry through new control, not better graphics. I took SO MUCH crap at school for being a Wii fan, of course I was told on a daily basis how great the PS3 and 360 were but I stuck with it, never one to stray from my home team. This didn't mean I was a total Nintendo idiot, I still played other systems and read gaming magazines cover to cover, I just loved the Wii.

In November I waited about 13 Hours in line to get the Wii on launch day. Our local Rhino's had only 6 in stock, and I was number 3 in line. It was pretty fun, we just stood around the whole time playing DS and waiting until finally I got my hands on the little thing. With Wii Sports and Twilight Princess in my collection, I don't think I came out of my room for a solid week haha. I loved the Wii and I slowly added games to my collection such as: Super Mario Galaxy, Guitar Hero 3 and Aerosmith, Super Smash Brothers Brawl, Trauma Center 1 & 2, Dance Dance Revolution, and so much more. I played it everyday until I noticed one day at Gamestop it was getting increasingly harder to find the good games amongst "We Ski" and "Family Circus" and "Jenga". Had the Wii, my ultimate system, really sold out to little toy companies trying to sell collections of minigames at $50 a pop? And of course the accesory plauge. I love how versatile the controller was, but truthfully I don't want to switch to a steering wheel, gun, Wii Fit pad, or (god forbid) a pulse monitor everythime I switch games. But I could deal with this, especially with Metroid Prime 3 and Madworld right around the corner...

Then that fateful day arrived. I had just got home from work, ready to play a little Super Mario Galaxy and I powered up my Wii to find it wouldn't play my disc...! "Oh well maybe my disc is dirty?" I thought and cleaned it off, still no luck. So I tried some other games, still no luck. I called Nintendo, my warranty had just run out months before, so it would be about $100 with shipping and all to get it fixed. At the time I was saving for my trip to Japan so I couldn't fix it then. The Wii went under my bed and stayed there over the months while I played my 360.

Later on a boring day I decided to try to fix it myself, I was pretty sure it was just a dirty laser, so after tinkering and cleaning for hours with nothing working still, I decided to just break the thing. I couldn't send it in anymore with a voided warranty, and if I ever wanted one again, I would just go buy a new one that I was sure would work.

So here comes the main point of this rant- That day has come! E3 showed me Metroid Prime Trilogy, New Super Mario Bros, Super Mario Galaxy, and even a new Zelda teaser. I want my Wii back, I can deal with the slew of crappy games on the shelf, and then many accesories that I won't even use. I can deal with rehashes of old games as "new play control" and dorky friend codes. I just want to play the games I love again. But $250 is actually a little bit for me to go drop for a system again, especially with all of my money right now going toward college. I would never let my 360 go, but what about my DSi? I love the little thing, but truthfully I don't play it that much. I have an Ipod Touch for when I'm on the go, it even has some games on it. But if i let go of the DS, I would let go of Zelda, Mario, Metroid, and a bunch of other great games you can't experience anywhere else!

Maybe I should just slowly save up and buy a new Wii myself, thats what I'm leaning towards. But could I get any help with this decision? :]

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Haha I was thinking about the back of my hand but I decided against it. Plus I thought it would hurt like crazy! :]
But yeah on my arm I can cover it up if I need to. Not because it's a videogame tat (I'm proud of that) just because it's a tattoo in general, and apparently some people do not like them. lulz...
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Alright bro I Got the pic up :]
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So yesterday I was just chilling with my friend Nathan at Taco Bell when I (spur of the moment) decided to go get the tattoo (A Triforce) I had been talking about getting all year! This was my first tattoo, but I wasn't really nervous, just excited. So we found this cool place in town and 45 minutes later I had a Triforce on my forearm (My friend also has one in the same place.) Now were bonded forever by ink and we can always show constant love for our favorite video game franchise!

Anyways back to GOW, I beat it this morning [Only on casual though] so now me and my brother are going back to try and beat it on Hardcore [and then maybe insane? haha I dunno]. Anyways overall it was a great game, albeit a tad too short. I will have to pick up number 2 on my next paycheck and play through it! Since we don't have Wi-fi and I don't feel like lugging my 360 and tv into the computer room, I haven't played any online yet. Hopefully I can go to my cousins tommorrow or something and play a little :]

Anyways, I'm going to get off for tonight, I worked a bunch today and I'm kind of tired haha. See ya-

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So I noticed lately that I hadn't been gaming as much as I would like, and I couldn't figure out why. I would come home from work, ready to start up my 360 or DSi for some much needed game time, and then I would just end up looking at the screen for a few minutes, turning it off, and getting on the computer or something. So while at my aunts yesterday I decided to borrow Gears of War 1. Let me describe my history with the game:

As a younger gamer I played gears when it was first released and for some reson hated it. I talked it down at school and just had a general disinterest in the craze. Later, when Gears 2 was released, my uncle invited me over to play together. We spent awhile messing around on Xbox live and playing The Horde, when I realized that Gears 2 was pretty fun with a friend, maybe I just didn't give it a chance.

So back to the real story, I DID give it a chance, and I ended up playing until 3am last night and I've been playing a couple hours this morning too! I love it and I don't know if I was too young to appreciate it at first or if my tastes in gaming have changed as I grew older. But anyways, I'm about to get back in there and play some more. Now if only this gaming enlightenment can happen on my DSi as well. :]