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Outta the blue, got Zen Bound 2!

Which would've been great to get on a good day. Today's been fuuuuckin' lousy and stressful. ZB2 was the perfect thing to get today just because it's such a relaxed, laid-back game. Feeling much better because of it. So cheers, folks, and a Merry Gerstmas to you all!

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1: Castle Crashers

2: Zen Bound 2

3: A Virus Named Tom

4: Awesomenauts

5: Orcs Must Die 2

6: Puzzle Kingdoms

7: Secrets of the Magic Crystals

8: Super Hexagon

9: Toki Tori

10: THQ Bundle

'Tis the season to roll the dice!

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Hey, check it out. Another pretentious game from the pretentious game designer who thinks games are more than games and spends absurd amounts of time whining about the state of the games industry.
Yeah, I think I'll fuckin' pass.

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MS has nothing to do with this. NRS are just completely shit at releasing patches. They're worse than Blizzard because at least you can still play WoW when a patch goes sideways. It doesn't just boot you and make you jump through fucking hoops to play. (Completely beside the point since why would you play WoW anyway, right?)
MK's had garbage online almost from day 1 and NRS has done fuck-all to fix it. They literally do not give a shit. They want your money and that's all. From the minute they said "No, Boon lied, we want money for on-disc DLC after all," I said "Fuck those lying cocksuckers." I haven't looked back since and that's been the correct path to take. Why play a game that doesn't work whose developer has no interest of fixing it? Or, at the very least, doesn't deem the issue worthy enough to fix QUICKLY. Sorry, I'm not redownloading shit. How about YOU fix your godawful online. That sounds reasonable to me. Funny how Street Fighter can do this shit smoothly, but MK keeps shitting the bed and wondering where the stink is coming from. 
Stop supporting Netherrealm, basically. They've proven, for MONTHS now, that they have no interest in fixing their online. They're grabbing for your money and that's it. Fuck them.