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I think the season's off to a good start. Some of my favorites so far:

Monogatari S2, Symphogear G, Senyuu 2 and Teekyuu 2. No surprises here, they are all sequels to stuff I liked and they didn't disappoint.

If you haven't seen Senyuu or Teekyuu, they're both on Crunchyroll with episode lengths of >5 minutes so they're easy to check out. They're both comedies, Senyuu has a fantasy setting and a storyline where Teekyuu's story is as elaborate as it's premise (high school girls in a tennis club (though they don't actually play tennis much))

As for new shows, Uchouten Kazoku and Gatchaman. I like pretty much everything about Uchouten Kazoku, especially the characters and art. I was curious after ep1 and sold after ep2. Gatchaman has Hajime. I'm still not sure what the show's actually like though. Monster of the week style? At any rate I really want to see more episodes of both. Oh, I'm really enjoying C3 as well.

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@darji: I think Code Geass only gets better as it goes on.

@hunter5024: Soul Eater is alright. If you want action it's a decent choice. As for what to go for first, if getting the second half of S;G isn't an option I'd just pick one that looks interesting and see if I can get into it. I can't speak for Digimon but other than that I think all the shows you listed are worth a look at least

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@dochaus said:

As someone who has not played the game or seen the LP, the Danganronpa anime has gotten off to an interesting start. That bear...

Also, C^3-bu was not bad. GH-bu on the other hand was not good, just felt boring instead.

Pretty much my thoughts exactly on those shows.

I didn't like Servant x Service though people seem to be into it. Liked Love Lab enough to make a stupid gif:

Also my opinion on what I saw of the last season: Valvrave was my favorite, really liked Yahari, Maou was alright. Haven't finished Henneko but so far it seems pretty good. I'm also watching Crime Edge, but I have no idea what to make of that show yet. I might check out Majestic Prince and Aku no Hana later on too.

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@video_game_king: Well, here's one. It has some German translations and there's no sound at the ED.

Loading Video...

@truthtellah: @dochaus: Yeah, I didn't think Dog & Scissors was great either. Oh well, still plenty of shows I'm going to check out.

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There may be some merit to XBLIG after all.

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Yeah, I don't remember what for but I have used non-floppy floppy disks

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Someone, anyone from Advance Wars.

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@golguin: It was better for sure, but I didn't like the way they deal with Eren going berserk in under two minutes (in a pretty unspectacular manner as well) and then he just lays down until the last few seconds. I'm still going to watch it, with 14 being a recap episode they need to get stuff done in 13, I just didn't feel like stuff got done in this one.

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Attack on Titan...I don't know anymore. Valvrave though? Amazing. I wasn't expecting much, but it's so good, I'm blown away

Should be added that my enjoyment is probably less ironic than it should be. I'm genuinely into it. (Also, is this thread bugging out for anyone else? It's updating real slow, edits/posts appear some time after they're posted)