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@Vexxan: huh. Always forget that there is a title theme for OoT. Only remember the horse step sounds =/ So peaceful ;)

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@SpunkyHePanda said:

Some recent favorites:

Also, I believe you've linked to the wrong playlist.

Yeah... wrong link lmao. Fixed ;)

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Like before, made a playlist of the top title themes I can think of.

So it's pretty much Metroid Prime + everything else. Any good games I've missed? What are y'alls favorites?

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@IBurningStar said:

Really makes you reflect back on everything that happened and ponder the meaning of it all.

Damn.. I recall playing through that game once... Now I need to dig up my disk and go for this... I assume it being a hardass ending to get. The best ones are always like that =(

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Made a playlist of pretty much every awesome credits/end game theme I've played or listened to over the years. It's a shame modern games tend to just go with licensed or bland orchestrated stuff. The best ones tend to sum up the whole game in a satisfying melody imo.

What are your favs? Am I missing any obvious ones?

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people on gaf sayings uncharted controls like shit... hmmm. Wonder if that will get an 'aim patch' like UC3 ;)

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Sony Online stuff has always been a 'maybe'.

But still, with the prices of memory, i'm not seeing the great appeal of backwards compatibility at launch, with most of the best games for psp being >700mb.

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@Hizang said:

@Deusx said:

That's a shitty lineup...

You don't like Uncharted?

And even without Uncharted looks miles better than the 3DS's.

I agree it looks better than 3ds launch lineup, but that's irrelevant. Will it look better than 3ds game lineup by feb 22 though, most likely not.

Uncharted and Wipeout are the gems. I fear uncharted (if no mp here, haven't heard anything that confirms it), will be like the GoW psp titles. Short, pretty, polished. Wipeout will be great no doubt, but is it enough to sell another portable, when the psp wipeouts still look and play great? I guess online mp will be a good incentive, but mp working right out of the bat for a new system? Doesn't seem likely, especially for sony.

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The site celebrated the dreamcast stuff during live show. A lot of xbox stuff from 'load your last save'. I know people tend to think GB doesn't really dig nintendo (even though they tend to love the games they end up reviewing). So anyhow, what are some interesting/fun games you'd like the crew to dive into in some video feature?

I'd be really interested to see patrick hop into Eternal Darkness. Revisiting Mario Sunshine would be cool as well (Game had problems, but was still great imo). And as far as I can tell, there hasn't been any smash bros video feature on this site yet. Which as far as I am concerned. This ain't a legit games site yet ;P

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I thought people realized this when they didn't announce a harden edition for pc o_O.