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" I've always been really interested by the idea of a game about managing a games developer. I'd be intrigued to hear the thoughts of some people who've played this game. "

read the reviews and check this thread: 
Anyone else notice how the magazine rating system is basically the same as Famitsu in the screenshot? I guess it makes sense because this game was originally a JP release. Still find it fascinating though.
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@Robiin said:
" This seems super interesting. Unfortunatley it's pretty expensive for an Iphone game. Hopefully there will be a deal for it in the near future. "
Ya, but for this genre. I can already see the amount of game you get out of this will make up the cost of that burger =)
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@MisterChief said:
" Are the Doom RPG games any good? "
yep. It's kinda like one of those old turnbased first person dungeon rpg's but Doom =)  
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Snagged this from



Not sure why, but a whole bunch of good games just dropped their price all within minutes of each other....

Sonic the Hedgehog now $1.99
Spider: Secrets of Bryce Manor now $.99
Archetype now $.99
Metal Gear Solid US now $2.99
Super Monkey Ball 2 now $.99
Doom Resurrection now $1.99
Driver now $2.99
Star Wars Trench Run now $1.99
Pac Man Championship Edition now $1.99
Spore Creatures now $.99
Zombie Infection now $.99
Assassin's Creed 2 Discovery now $.99
Doom 2 RPG now $.99
Zenonia now $.99
Zenonia 2 now $1.99
Hybrid 2: Saga of Nostalgia now $1.99
Peggle now $.99
Osmos now $.99
Phantasy Star 2 now $1.99
Both Secret of Monkey Islands now $.99
Castlevania Puzzle: Encore of the Night now $1.99
Mirror's Edge now $1.99

The price drops keep coming....

Crash Bandicoot Nitro Kart Racing now $1.99
Risk: The official Game now $1.99
Ace Combat Xi now $1.99
Monopoly Here and Now now $1.99
Chuzzle now $.99
Need for Speed Shift now $.99
Real Racing now $2.99
De Blob Revolution now $.99

and even more....

Baseball Superstars 2010 now $.99
9 innings: Pro Baseball 2010 now $.99
Soccer Superstars now $.99
Tiger Woods PGA now $.99
Civilization Revolution now $.99
NCAA Football now $1.99
Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2 now $1.99
NFL 2011 now $2.99
Command and Conquer now $1.99
Hills and Rivers Remain now $1.99
Vanguard Storm now $1.99
2k Sports NHL 2k11 now $.99


I recommend to pick up civ rev and spider at minimum =)

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Did starkiller get a new hairdoo?
This yoda actually looks pretty good. At least on par with revenge of the sith.
Let's just hope you don't actually fight yoda... that would make a few fanboys angry would it not?
Would be nice if there is a mission in which you are yoda and wrecking shit =P

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For some reason I really enjoyed that fight in the hotel. Probably the only boss that ever wiped my team out ={
Stupid lucky move that charmed the entire party =(

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So has anyone read the new magazine yet? Near the end of EGM about 60% was full of ads... I miss the old days when egm had at least 50 pages of content. Also those epic Game of the Year editions were indeed epic...

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I felt like I did this way back, but after quest system was implemented it's not connected anymore. And when I try to connect it again it says it has already been connected. My steam ID is the same as my GB id.

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man an ace attorney endurance run would be epic =)