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70% sure this is a prototype.

It's not powered by anything! It's not a replacement battery pack (you would see prongs and a bump in the cradle).

It's also not attached to the power adapter slot on the top.

I guess this is probably an early prototype/concept. Unless this thing is powered by... 'streetpass'.

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This might be the first one that I put some money down.

It's pretty much sims meets star trek meets xcom meets pixel art. Pretty much the game everyone wants. I really hope this is amazing ;)

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With tested now doing App of the day, is there a way to get those videos into the game wikis?

Even games that are on pc and ios like Anomaly: Warzone Earth have pretty big changes in gameplay depending on versions and having GB QL and Tested AoTD would be good for users.

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chie fights like bruce lee.

Every game needs someone that fights like him!

Perfect match.

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@BluPotato said:

I was leaning heavily towards picking up a Vita when it hits and this just cemented it for me. I'm probably in the minority, but I loved my PSP and it saw a lot more use than my DS.

A bit odd, because ds has a way stronger lineup of solid jrpgs ;P

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doesn't everybody on the internets do something like this?

Google does, facebook does. Your antivirus software does.

Just don't give a crap.

I'm not ashamed at staring at Miranda's ass (not like there is anything else to stare at during dialogue, bioware are pervs).

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@Gaff said:

@Meowshi said:

Son of a BITCH


There are a few problems I have with the rumours.

  • Second analogue stick: couple this with the $10 add-on and Nintendo's rumoured push for developers to develop with that second stick in mind, this will split the install base at best, render the first batch of hardware obsolete at worst. Also, handheld add-ons historically haven't fared well. I don't buy a handheld to start bolting on stuff. And where would that go?!
  • Reducing the 3D functionality: a cost-cutting measure, fine. 3D wasn't that great anyway, fine. But it does defeat the point of owning a 3DS, doesn't it?
  • The 3DS released in Spring 2011, and if the rumours are true, a redesign would be announced in Fall 2011 and a release somewhere in 2012. Barely six months between release and a redesign, and then a year at the most for the redesign's release. Retailers will love cleaning the rows of 3DSs for a year, I'm sure.

Did the 3DS fail to live up to expectations? Sure. But... Not like this.

it does seem like they pretty much have to pack that 'add on' to every single new game that supports it for a while. Kinda like what they do for motion plus.

I do think 'reducing 3d' means the focus in marketing vs completely removing the 3d function.

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beats $10 to eat at the shitty school buffet.

Or $10+ for shitty chinese takeout of comparable quality.

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I don't remember why, but I'm confident Jeff Green wins this argument for some reason.