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Best AC game yet. 0

For me, the AC series have always been a pretty mediocre series at best (3 stars at the best), but I do tend to come back to it each year when its on sale during black friday. Comfort food you'd call it. This year is a bit different. This is the first AC game that I enjoyed doing most of the side stuff. It ended up scratching an itch that is purely reserved for mmos. So while the gameplay is mediocre and janky asscreed, there is enough things to do with enough rewards to compel me to finish the...

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Interactive crime novel at it's finest 0

People coming to this game expecting a full fledged game would be sorely disappointed. But if you are one that watched the quick look and enjoyed it, the rest of the game for better or worst is pretty much just that. A series of cases where the user analyzes the crime scene and witness statements, while riding a 'linear rails story path' of following evidence/witness inconsistencies, to eventually reach the conclusion. An apt comparison would be a combination of your favorite CBS crime show with...

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A Solid Reimagining, And Taking the Uncharted Formula Further. 0

I'm probably like most of y'all, who were quite skeptical with how this game will turn out based off the early previews and footage, but by the end of the ~10 hr game, I feel like I quite enjoyed it. It borrowed heavily on Uncharted style , but it smartly noted the criticisms people had with Uncharted games (way too linear, combat sections are too long, huge disconnect between cutscenes and gameplay aka mass murderer psycho Drake), and addressed them in a way that the game feels different and po...

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Decent game, poor imitation. 0

Finished this on the middle difficulty.Had an overall decent time (awesome pc port averaging 100 fps on my rig). Started out pretty strong but it seemed to dragged more I played of it and gotten into the systems.GameplayNot being able to cancel out of attacks to dodge kinda sucks, especially for the axe. meh. All the light side weapons didn't feel that great imo. In the end, I pretty much just used the fists for the most part.Those boss fights were also pretty bad. I mean, if I have a bigger cha...

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Solid adventure game. 0

This game is probably one of my favorite games this year. It has tons of greatness and game design choices that's been missing this generation. There is a lot to love though.One thing, game is filled with all these little details and stuff that I haven't felt this way since gta 4 in an open world game. The way MC reacts to bullets being shot, the one time use animations (cigarette toss lol), the way your coat moves, freaking windshield wipers!,and all this with a solid framerate on any average r...

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