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Somehow, this really feels like losing a friend, even though it's one I have never nor would ever meet. The world is a worse place without Ryan Davis in it.

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This is crap. The MP community on the PC doesn't work the same way as it does on consoles. On PC, you go in to the servers of the people you know and want to play with, and you get to know these people. Also, you can always count on your server being set up exactly the way you want to play the game. On consoles, you pres a button and play strangers every time, unless you occassionally invite a friend.
Also, p2p is never as fluent as a dedicated server.

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The one new metroid game I would like to see is an HD version of Super Metroid. I don't get why they want to mix up this franchise so much, when they have already made one of the best games ever. I don't WANT Samus to have a backstory, I want Samus to be the anonymous blond mercenary in the combat suit, battleing aliens alone on strange planets. From what I saw in the trailer, Samus in a team ninja action cinematic... it doesn't work. Her suit is built to be as effective as possible, not as flexible, fast and athletic as possible. If they wan't to make Samus more human, do it in a subtle, low-key way, like how she reacts to being injured, or exhales a sigh of relief after winning a bossfight.

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I'd rather see third strike characters. Makoto is my darling <3