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Nicely done, duder!

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It's nuts! It's exciting and kind of scary! That's just so much change. Like, once we get into the patch it will still be Dota but my goodness look at all those new items.

That said, by The International teams will have figured this patch out and people will be crying out for a new patch immediately afterwards. The cycle will continue.

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I mean without a good viral hash tag I don't know what to do with this.

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Time until I get an email saying I should change my password?

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Just got a Chromecast and this app is awesome. Thanks, duder!

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Hmmm. I live in Sacramento. Is it possible just to show up and spectate a bit?

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The problem is nobody else would be an upgrade at host. Brad is good for the podcast but you've seen these guys host shows when Jeff is out. They're...well...not great. Drew might actually be the best of the bunch at keeping a show moving which is probably the producer in him.

Jeff is a pretty dang good host as is and while he might work well as the guy playing off the host as well or better than being the host there isn't anybody left in the office to take over the big chair.

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It would have been cool if they went until it was shut down but it doesn't seem to be like an MMO shut down where the devs turn on all the crazy stuff. Maybe they could have let the post stream dance party linger a little longer.

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Borderlands 2 was like Borderlands but improved in pretty much every way so it seems pretty clear to me. Both are great though even if they share the same level of garbage writing.

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