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Yeah, I pretty much agree. I was enjoying the gameplay for the most part but oh god that story. I never did finish it.

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Launching an MMO without a solid F2P transition plan would be ridiculously irresponsible. It will be within a year, no doubt about that. Less than 6 months doesn't seem likely but could happen, sure.

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Eh, it would be nice but they usually aren't worth the time investment. Though they really were great. The Tony Hawk Ride review gave them an excuse to do a pretty funny dumb video.

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Dave Lang is pretty great.

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This isn't really a difficult thing. It's a really good, really fun multiplayer shooter. It's well worth $60 if that's what you're in to. If you aren't into that kind of stuff why are you even considering it to being with?

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Persona 4. Also I eventually just watched the story parts for the rest of The Last of Us because I was pretty much done with playing that thing.

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omg lol it shld be a beard of bacon haha XD

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I like the Commander functions in 2 a bit more because it was a lot more fun to be the commander. This one feels a bit too passive even when you're making a pretty big difference. Still, it's fine. I was excited to see it was coming back and still pretty cool with it.

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No. Like, not at all. Holy crap no. There a so many people who never even touch the single player of games like Call of Duty. The last couple Battlefields shouldn't have wasted their time with the single player. It's smart.