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I think it can't be all that bad, then again I have yet to play it.

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Valkyria Chronicles and Demon's Souls, get Dragon Age for the PC it is far far better and you can get teh modzzors! Or somehting like that

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No, not in this generation at the very least this much has been definitely cleared up by Sony

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Fi it up with a heat gun that way at the very least it will work long enought to allwo you to transfer the files

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@iam3green:  Just the important pointers on how my fix was different from the youtube video, I have a 40 gb system with no backwards compatibility as such the CMOS battery was on the motherboard and I was unsure if it would be damaged by the heat but it wasn't so don't worry about that. Any other detail than that is of little to no importance my heat gun had an intensity changer but it did not display the actual temperature so I sort of winged it. The bad thing is that in order to see if the method worked you have to put the entire thing back together and if it doesn't work you have to take it apart all over again.
Yeah the fix should last a long while, and if it breaks down I still got my heat gun, the ps3 is still working though.
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Fixed that bitch up now thanks for the help

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Hey guys my PS3 got the infamous YLOD, which pretty much sucks and I'm going to attempt to fix as per the following video
I was wondering if anyone had any tips regarding the repair or on which heat gun to buy? Also what do you recommend me to use as a surface? Has anyone else attempted this method and their ps3 brick on them or something?

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White Knight Chronicles all the way!

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I think Limbo is too short, but maybe I'll get the maw or comic Jumper