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@Daiphyer said:
" November. Just take a look at games coming out in November. It makes me want to cry. "
You can buy the games from last year's november and save yourself some money
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MGS4 its a first person shooter if you zoom in..., well it has all the characteristics just that its third person.

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So with the current Live price hike and with games staying lofty at 60 dollars and almost every game getting a limited edition when is gaming too expensive?

 I am Mexican and as such the price is a matter of much discussion amongst me and my friends. To put into perspective a dollar is right now worth around 13 pesos. A “good” new game in Mexico costs around 1000 to 1300 pesos (77 to 100 dollars; they actually scale it according to the quality of the game). And consoles cost very differently the Xbox 360 (fat) is by FAR the most expensive at 307 dollars for the arcade, 423 dollars for the elite, and 538 dollars for the MW2 bundle. Wii is at 346 dollars and the ps3 is at around 346 dollars, so they are the most reasonable. This makes gaming in Mexico far much more expensive than in the US, however I live around 3 hours away from the border so what I do is I normally order games through Amazon to a property I have there and then go and pick them up. Games may be very expensive but they also drop their price ridiculously quickly, I prefer discounted prices over the gaming credit, but I haven’t paid more than 50 dollars on a game for over 2 years. And I get my games around maybe 2-3 months after they are out. My average is probably around 30 dollars. So for me gaming is expensive just because of the sheer volume of stuff I buy. Also for example, I do not play to buy any games this holiday, I have a HUGE backlog and I prefer to finish those games before buying any new ones. Plus right now I am not going anywhere near the border, things have gotten pretty ugly there and you are just afraid the entire drive there and back, hoping there’s not a shootout.

So when is gaming too expensive? I guess the answer is that quite a lot of the time; I would not buy games at Europe’s prices or at the horribly obscene prices at Brazil, however that is when people turn to PC gaming, Steam makes cheap prices available for everyone at the comfort of their own home.  But definitely gaming is too expensive for me when I fear for my life to get more games, so right now I’ll work on my backlog, and finish some RPG replays.

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Valkyria Chronicles holds up still, of course the original Bioshock, I enjoy LBP and Batman Arkham Asylum. You can also purchase Sam and Max season 3 for 20 dollars right now

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@Laharl:  I used to have a problem with broken ps2 controlers until I realized I was beating the shit out of them everytime I died on GTA... not good on controller life. Seriously though, I've have my ps3 for 2-3 years now at least, no controller problems except that one's R2 trigger has a broken spring. Take better care of your stuff there's NO way you have fucked up 3 controller's analog sticks. If they don't work anymore I recommend checking out a guide and taking them apart. But I think that you are the one that's doing something that's damaging them think about your gaming habits.
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@InhumanAchievement:  Now that you have your backup if you have completely dusted and replaced the thermal paste on the system and put it back together correctly and it still does not work... then it's broken. The intense heat probably damaged a part of the motherboard or something shorted out. I do not believe that YLOD is linked to the BluRay drive problems, nothing left to do except send to Sony for repairs or buy another.
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Have you retried it? PSN went down for maintenace for a short while a couple days ago/

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Yeah do the switch, specially if the xbox is doing nothing for you, me personally I'm never paying Live on that thing but I'm keeping it for exclusives.

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@ShadowSkill11 said:
" It's probably because you didn't pay the $999 fee for PSN++ for Sony to give a crap about you selling a used console that they won't make a profit off of on EBay ala Gamestop business model. It sounds like someone should have paid the extra $4 for the insurance option on their package!! Uh oh! "
Wow thanks for being helpful to someone else, asshole.
Deus I've seen this happen to other guys and quite honestly you won't get anything out of Sony without a subpoena or some sort of intervention of the authorities. You could try the upward hill battle through customer support but they will tell you they can't do it. And even if you were a PSN+ guy you wouldn't get help its a privacy thing.
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What's the point on this? I've grown accustomed to getting some useless plastic stuff on these editions so I'm at a loss when we only get skins.