Having a bit of gaming crisis

Been awhile, surprised if anyone reads this, but here goes. Im realizing that my gaming world is shrinking. Literally. Im realizing that the only game Im really good at is Battlefield Bad Company 2. Im only good in that game cause the controls are simple, and you can work with your team to win. Every other game I play I either fail miserably at, or I am extremely mediocre at. Is there a reason for this? Should I give up gaming and put up my white flag and be a spectator? Some days I just want to sell my xbox 360 and call it a day, maybe playing Stalker C.O.P or Trials on my PC once in a while. I have friends who play on Xbox and shit, but all they play is Halo 4, which I get bored of quite quickly.

Maybe I should take up a new hobby, or just stop giving a shit all together. Internet, holler back if ya heard me :)


Bionic Commando Rearmed

I missed this game when it came out, and recently picked it up for cheap and tried my hand at it. I can see why people would like it, but its too hard for me. No matter how much I practiced, I never got better. Atleast I tried I guess. Now to play through Dark sector till I get some money.....................


Space Marine

So I just finished playing Space Marine, thought it was alright. Good visuals and a simple story backed by derarative gameplay is what I thought of Space Marine, im putting up a review soon. Looking forward to playing some Borderlands, my gamertag is stayinfrosty707, youll see me around xbox live.


bad newsss

Well, i got some lame news. My PC isnt powerful enough to take video capture smoothly, and therefore, I will not be uploading commentaries on youtube. Instead, I might upload the occasional clip from a game, but as of right now, my PC isnt good enough. I plan to upgrade my videocard in the future(an 8800gts) but it still does the job well, and can run most games out there at high settings. I was able to play crysis 2 on very high settings on max resolution(1400x900) with vsync, and it looks great. At least it was a good thought. I will continue to play bad company 2 online and bulletstorm, and will do a review when im done with em. bc 2: gamedrone23 steam: baggiobutt
peace out



I have been watching some netflix movies recently, mostly good ones. If you havent checked them out, heres some fun ones to watch when you get a chance: The Toxic Avenger 1-4, these movies are just really funny, cheesy b-movies focused around a janitor who falls into toxic waste, and becomes a superhero, The Toxic Avenger. The 1st and 4th are more intense, while the 2nd and 3rd are a lot lighter hearted.

Trick R Treat and Creepshow: A great Halloween, or just scary movies that do what they do well, in Trick R Treat, its surprises(there are many that you wont see coming) and Creepshow,
Directed by George Romero with Stephen King, is great at
telling creepy stories.
Balls out: gary the tennis coach: If you like anything sean william scott has been in, youll love this. Its got an absurd sense of humor, and I used to play tennis in HS, and they nailed the whole HS tennis team vibe. A great feel good, funny movie that you will want to watch over and over.
So has anyone seen these movies? Or has netflix ones that they would like to recommend to me?
let me know below
Well, theres my two cents on some movies :)
peace out

online pooooool

hey fellow duders! I play some online pool at omgpop.com(IMO the best online pool) from time to time, and could always use more ppl to play with! hit this up:
http://www.omgpop.com/games/pool#/arcade/gamelobby/pool and make a profile! my name is mrmunch23, add me, and we will play some pool. Im quite good, so watch out! yarrrr


Sniper: GW

Sniper Ghost Warrior
overall: Great Bullet time and decent visuals, but gets tedious very quick
Visuals: 7
Story: 3
Gameplay: 6


My GTA Review

I just want to let any of my followers know that my latest review, for GTA 4, in my opinion, is my most thought out and well written review I have done to date. I have tried to take some of the criticism from my past reviews and really make an informative, interesting review.  GTA took me ~22 hours to complete, and was a mixed bag. I hope you guys like my review, and I want to give a special shout out to  Ahmad_Metallic for being helpful to me in my review writing. 


Sniper Ghost Warrior

I have always liked the sniping aspectsin games, because you dont see them that much anymore, becuase it requires PATIENCE and SKILL. Two things that people dont want to have to deal with at frist, but if you can get passed the OCD personaitly that has corrupted games, then you will see S:GW as it really is: a damn good game. I played the demo fully with no hitches, and it was a great experience. Ill definitely be getting this and playing it throughly. Just play it on easy, cause its way too damn hard on the other levels haha


duuuude... wtf

Very odd. I tried to get Dark Sector to work, and then bought it on steam for cheap, and IT STILL DIDNT WORK. The resolution changing would just freeze the game, and it had no sound. Same thing happened to me when i tried to get it to work on vista. I am thoroughly dissapointed as I have heard about how great of a game this really is, and it does look really good. I just dont want to see any more of this shitty ports, they end up just making a good game a distant memory. RIP PC dark sector.........

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