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@otakugamer: I buy all my games now when they are around $25 lol I havent bought a game at full price in years

@hadestimes: Thats a bummer to hear man I was hoping for better! This is the sort of game I would love a demo for, not enough of those these days.

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It would be much easier for me to justify purchasing this game if I could pause it, unlike the earlier souls games. I'm aware of the systems currently in place, I just wanna know if anyone knows about blood borne having a pause option. Haven't been able to find any solid info so far

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if people like this ill def pick it up when it gets in the $20-$30 range. from what ive seen it looks really fun and immersive

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@atwa: its pretty silly!!

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@tigerthecat5: right? wtf? Ubisoft and EA really dont have much respect for the PC anymore.

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got major goosebumps from reading this, all these games are right up my alley, and its nice to hear an update on them. BTW that concept art from SOMA is wicked cool. Great article Patrick.

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@ethanielrain: yep it....crashed and burned. lol couldnt help myself

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that new shirt design is super duper awesome

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@ben_h: YES! I had a friend raving to me how great it was and how I should get the Premium edition. I did and at first loved it, but after a while I really hated it and just wanted to go back to playing Bad Company 2. For me personally GTA V was pretty disappointing. I didnt get nearly as immersed in it as I thought I would. Eventually the SP felt like a chore and the MP was a joke. Traded it in after i beat it,,,I dont get expectations too high with games anymore lol