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One hell of a ride 0

Hitman uses snakes as a gunrack. Hes badass like that. Hitman Absolution was a game I never expected to play. It popped up on the Xbox Live games for gold program so I thought I would give it a shot. Little did I know how much I would be sucked in.StoryThe game thrusts you right into the thick of things as the Hitman agent 47 and starts you off on a routine mission for the Agency. Your task is to bring down Diana Burnwood, your old handler who has now "gone rogue" according to the Agency. At fir...

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If I could give it 2 1/2 stars I would 0

Tom Clancys Rainbow Six Vegas 2 is one of those games that really make me chuckle to myself. Its a game I really wanted to like, as I had a lot of fun with the SP in the first one, but I just didnt. It added a great new experience system, and took away everything else that made the first so great. StoryYou know, I couldnt really tell you much about the story in RSV2 except it was an extension of the original. There are some rogue agents, terrorists doing cliche bad guy stuff, and many situation...

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A flawed gem 0

There is a reason why Deadly Premonition is one of the most polarizing games of all time. People either like it, and endure it through to the end, or they cant stand it and wonder why people like it at all. I stuck with it through till the end. While it has many rough(and some frustrating) parts, it really was a joy to play overall and had some very memorable characters and plot twists.StoryYou are Francis Morgan, a FBI agent who goes to a small town to investigate a murder of a young girl. The...

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Lives up to the hype 0

Once in a while a game comes along that takes over your life. You cant stop thinking about it when you stop playing it, and when you are playing, you are amazed at what you are able to do/happening onscreen. Far Cry 3 is one of those games.StoryBy far, the weakest part of the game. The narrative in FC3 is paper thin and gives you just enough reason and motivation to meet people that give you more missions to do on the island. I also found the ending very disappointing and not satisfying in the ...

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the CoD killer 0

I played this game for the first time on my PC, and it got me hooked. For starters, the game looks great. They made some nice changes to the engine from the first one, and it runs very well. The maps are large and detailed, but they arent many people online anymore, so unfortunately a lot of time in these maps is spent running around trying to find stuff to shoot. Im sure this wasnt a problem when it came out, but its still a bummer for people like me who arent a fan of the direction DICE went w...

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Not what I thought 0

Castlevania is a franchise im not really that into. This was the first game that I have played in this franchise, and I did my research for this overlooked game. Unfortunately, I just could not get into this game. I wanted to like it, even love it, but there is a certain quality about this game that I did not enjoy. When it comes down to it, they spent all their time on the visuals, and it shows.Unfortunately, the rest of the game suffers from this. It is a very linear game, and has a simple, st...

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Refreshing 0

Mark of the Ninja is one of those games that appeals to an acquired taste. Im not usually one to play stealth games, (IMHO I didnt like Dishonored that much) but i found MOTN very playable, and engaging.Visuals: Klei has been perfecting their graphic art style since they started doing Shank, and it shows. Its a smooth engine that looks great, and brings the game to life.Gameplay: This is a stealth focused side scroller, and all the gadgets and upgrades you can get make you really think and somet...

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Intensely simple 0

Warhammer 49K Space Marine is one of those few games that you know going into it what you are getting out of it. I knew going into playing SM that I was going to be playing a gruesome third person shooter. On that front, it did not dissapoint. The combat is fun, the controls are easy to pick up, but the health system definitely takes some getting used to. At first, it is very off putting to have no health packs or regenerating health to speak of, instead your shield is the only thing that regene...

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Great game 0

Sleeping DogsOverall: A great game that gets you sucked in, but the side missions get old fast.Visuals: They really outdid themselves with this one. Hong Kong looks amazing, and you really feel that you are there, kicking ass and taking in the sights. I dont have the high resolution texture pack, but I know if i did the game would look even better. The PC version looks a little better than the consoles, thanks to some extra work. Much appreciated. I was running the game on 1680x1050 with med/hig...

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Mediocrity at its best 0

Ill just start out saying I dont do this review thing much anymore, but I couldnt hold myself back from commenting on the new game, Prototype 2. Its hard not to talk about this game as there was much controversy about all the layoffs from radical and whatnot. That doesnt explain why they put out such a blatant rehash of the first. It feels more like Prototype 1.5 then a full sequel.Radical improved the visuals, made the gameplay smoother, and difficulty more balanced out. Unfortunately, that is ...

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A good effort, but comes up short 0

This game is one of those that I just happened to have around, and didn't really have high expectations for it, but was disappointed nonetheless for a few reasons.  The story was cliche and predictable, but tried to complicate things with psychic powers. The camera is placed much too far away from John Vaddic the whole game, and gets very finicky near walls and such. About 2/3 of the way through the game, SS just gets very monotonous. You have access to all the powers, and a few selection of  g...

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Great surprise 0

Im riding a horse on fire through a desert with hovering rocks and big drills. I slash at some weak foes on the ground, and see their arms and heads flail through the air as I ride through. What I am I talking about? Darksiders, recently ported to the PC from the consoles.        Darksiders is primarily a hack n slash, with special abilities and complex puzzles thrown in for good measure. The combat is great, and feel fantastic thanks to the great graphics engine, and the big weapons you can ...

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Consistent, yet monotonous 0

This is one of those games that I totally missed, and havent thought about playing till recent. Its fun for the first hour or two, due to its relatively tight controls, smooth engine, great one liners, and some fun guns to play around with. The main problem is, that the game really doesnt add much new to the game over its short duration besides some new weapons. Everything else is the same, whether it be the enemies, the bosses, or the obscure locations, it cant help but feel sort of empty and b...

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Decent, but flawed 0

Advent Rising was all about hype, espcially when it came out. I remember seeing the ads and such when it came out, advertising "epic sci fi action", but boasted mediocre reviews across the board. Thats understandable, as the game does have its fair share of issues, but there are some good things here as well.  The good stuff here mainly consist of the story(which carries you throughout, definitely helped me finish the game), and the visuals. The story is pretty exciting, and keeps you going up u...

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Solid effort 0

Raven has learned how to make solid shooters, and have had a lot of good experience in making some great games. SIngularity is no exception, and is a fun story to get into to blow some shit up.    The story is pretty simple, and it entertains for the 7 or so hours the game runs for. The ending was pretty lame, and didnt pack much of a punch at all.  I liked the characters, though they were few, the doctor was a pretty cool dude, and the voice acting for him and the other characters were spot ...

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Underwhelming 0

I have been playing the GTA games for a very long time. I think everyone remembers the first time they played the very first GTA, being able to really do whatever you wanted in a goofy, top-down view world. We have come a long way since then. GTA 4 came out in '08 for consoles, but wasnt released on the PC until one year later, and it was a fun, if flawed experience. The initial impression, gameplay wise, was very positive for me. I very much enjoyed the first half of the game, being able to cru...

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Fun, but not that original 0

The first Bioshock was a damn good game, ill give it that. It was fun to mess around with the different plasmids and discover what this underwater world of Rapture was all about. Now Bioshock 2 is among us, and takes place ten years after the end of the first game. The good things about BS 2 are that you can dual wield guns and plasmids at the same time, which makes for some really fun experimentation in combat. I hated being limited to a plasmid or a weapon in the first game, and you can tell t...

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Dissapointing and broken 0

I honestly didnt even have to finish this game to know how bad it really is. Ok the game has a couple good things going for it. The cars look ok, it worked with my gamepad(vibration was good and realistic), and the races are sometimes fun. Everything else in this game SUCKS. And im not holding anything back with that statement. The story is horrible, the fmv scenes are just lame, the graphics are horrible to look at, with texture pop in, blinding light, and horrible looking environment, cars, an...

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Pretty awesome 0

Too many games nowadays are boring and derative in nature with boring mechanics. Well, Just Cause 2 stops that in eats tracks and spits on it. Just Cause 2 could have really sucked, but it surprised me with how good the visuals are, the game play and just how fun the game was to play. The Visuals were really top notch, except on some characters or cities too closely viewed. I found stopping many times just to see a beautiful vista, not worrying about anything at all. Sometimes i actually felt i ...

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Fun and refreshing 0

Zeno Clash is definitely something that I could see got more popular over time everywhere. I heard about it a little bit, but kept seeing people refrence it and say good things. I have to say, after i have tried it out, it was a fun, mind bending romp. The combat is very smooth and actually takes skill to master, which i really respected throughout this game. The graphics are kinda dated, but the art style makes it look pretty good despite the technical hinderance. THe story is pretty confusing ...

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Boring and slow 0

I love a good story and atmosphere, but when it is shrouded by poor performance and gameplay,  the experience is a hard one to swallow.  the gunplay is horrible, and there were times when the game would slow to a crawl for no reason, and my PC can more than run this game. The visuals are quite good, but the outdoor scenes for some reason look really bad. A lot of the animations just feel cheap, but i guess thats so supposed to be in a russian game. The game felt very cheap, and way too linear, a...

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This game was so below my expectations. By seeing all the videos and gameplay shots, this game looked pretty fun and interesting as a nice way for pandemic to go out in a bang, Well the game is just plain boring and isnt really that interesting after a while, despite having a nice tone and easy play style. I didnt really want to finish this one cause it didnt seem worth it, even when i Dl'd a savegame that was 70% of the game done.  The Saboteur also doesnt have a very interesting story at all. ...

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Lame and buggy 0

I didnt have very high hopes for this one. The reviews said it all. The story was great, but everything else was subpar and barely worth your time. Now this was on the consoles, so when they ported(not brought, ported) to the PC it was done in a sloppy manner. There are NO graphics options, the game has to load between menus, and the framerate caps out at 30 FPS. The controls are at least adapted to the PC, which is nice I guess. On top of all this, the game just isnt that fun! I felt bored hone...

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Not enough there 0

This game really had all the ingredients for success. A veteran racing developer, good visuals, good story premise, tight driving controls, a lot of races, and an open world. Good right? Ya well I didnt even really want to finish it, because I have been talking to people and seeing many reviews, and they are all right. There isnt enough to do, and the races arent exciting at all.  The vehicles dont feel any different really from each other, and there are about 6 or so different variants, which i...

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