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@hassun: Why odd numbers, out of curiosity?

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I completely forgot AGDQ started so early, it was a great surprise! Really looking forward to Carl Sagan's Kaizo Mario World run. I've never seen him play it but he seemed like a cool guy when he co-hosted Trihex's Yoshi's Island run.

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I haven't noticed. If anything, 70% of the editorials are done by Patrick. Too much Patrick.


Vinny filled a similar role when he was at GB prime. They both mesh well with others and as such make them a fairly obvious pick for most quick looks. Jeff probably spends more time than you'd think in CBS meetings as the 'head' of GB, while Drew and Jason have video projects they need to work on. That normally leaves Brad and Dan to shoulder the weight on quicklooks. In all honesty I'm fine with Dan being in the majority of content, mind you I felt the same way with Vinny.

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JoJo's and the first half Black Lagoon(Before the creepy incest children) easily.

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It sucks to see people lose their job. Hopefully they land on their feet. Corporate restructuring is a painful, but necessary process.

@smcn said:

@koolaid said:

Maybe I'm a selfish person but I wish someone here at GB would confirm that no one here has been laid off instead of posting something vague and foreboding and going offline.

How about instead something vague and foreboding you might not have seen yet, posted yesterday on Patrick's tumblr?

EDIT: Though I guess it could just be a reference to the Max Temkin stuff.

I've been out of the loop on Chicago stuff for the past while. Any chance you could fill me in on what happened to Temkin? Is he doing alright?

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These are pretty amazing, not sure if they have them Stateside though. They've a fairly soft shell with a chewy inside. Pretty damn tasty!

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I spent way too much time watching the stream this week and screwed up my sleeping pattern as a result. Hurray! Here's a few of the runs that I particularly liked:

Longggggggggggggg runs (> 2 hours)

  • Madworld ( Lazerlong explains his speedrun strats well while doing the equivalent of a speedrun marathon with the Wii controller)
  • Metal Wolf Chaos ( Michael is the original Bad Dude)

Medium runs (~ an hour)

Short runs (< an hour)

  • Super Monkey Ball 2 (This run was bananas :^) )
  • Jet Grind Radio HD ( The runner and couch were really funny)
  • Blasto! ( A standing achievement in 90s' programming)
  • Marble Madness ( 5 minutes of ball-slapping action)
  • I wanna be the Boshy ( No more jumpscares edition)
  • Bubsy in "Fuck you Bubsy you piece of shit" (The couch just spend the 20 or so minutes ripping the shit out of this trainwreck, while the runner destroys the game)
  • Super Ghouls 'N Ghosts (AKA Super Scythes and Crossbows)
  • Octodad (Octodad is already stupid as hell. Adding speedrunning into the mix makes for a great time)
  • Duke Nukem ( Trihex has a story to tell you about Bonesaw's mother. WR HYPE)
  • ZZT (Cosmo what the fuck is this- oh speedrun is over WR HYPE)
  • Bubble Bobble ( The strangest love/hate co-op relationship I've ever seen. Awkward and funny!)
  • Half Life 2 ( Check out those sick frame skip strats)

The majority of the short runs are about a half an hour. I missed a few runs like SM64 120 star run, Cosmo's OoT and some of the other popular ones but almost all of runs that I watched were really well done. Congratulations to all of the runners for doing an amazing job over the week, as well as everybody working behind the scenes. AGDQ 2015 HYPE!

Edit: What's the easiest way to hide the wall of text for each category that I've made? I tried using the spoiler block but it just attached a "click to show" tag to each of my bulletpoints ;_;

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@donmfjohnson: There's no penalty to unplugging the internet, or even turning off your PS3 (Although you run the risk of corrupting your save). I did it a lot when I played the final parts of DeS and nothing bad happened.

I haven't seen the latest episode (Just finished part two) but it's laughable to see people defending the asshole invader with the scraping spear. It takes a lot of time and effort to craft the +7 spear in the first place, not to mention the guy also had Yurt's armour equipped (Which to be fair is the most appropriate armour to wear considering what he was doing). I'm not sure what ring or spell he was using to regenerate health that fast but there's no way you could deny he was a low-level griefer.

Who knows, maybe the invader was just really into role playing and thought "HEY, wouldn't it be a great idea if I foreshadowed how much of a prick Yurt was? That'll really help Brad!".

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The Barkley run was definitely my favourite, as was the Viewtiful Joe and Windwaker runs by Cosmo. I just watched the Half Life 1 run and it was pretty amazing to see somebody beat it in less than 40 minutes but I'm trying to figure out if Gunnar Optik's sponsored him? Hearing him go back to "I'm using these Gunnar's, they're really good" felt pretty skeezy.

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Another update. @bens_dream was able to register the copy I gave to him, which means he is the person to get in contact with!