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I shot the first doctor in the face too, figuring he might do something crazy. At that point I didn't really want to kill the other two, but for some reason I wasn't seeing any button prompt so I assumed that I HAD to kill them. When the girl called me a monster I sort of internally shrugged and said, "I know."

It wasn't until afterwards that I realized I probably could have gotten out of there without killing them. But I, like Joel, was exhausted at that point (I was entering my 13th straight hour of the game, with a few small breaks), and wasn't thinking clearly.

Amazing game though, really. For not only making me hate Joel for the monster he was, but also for forcing me to realize that that monster was, in a large sense, me.

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I talk on air for a living 5 days a week for extended periods of time. There is no way three days of hosting did that to his voice. It's either lack of sleep, medication, drugs or booze. He seems like a professional so I lean towards sleep and medication.

You probably host in a quiet environment. Sessler has stated that the area he was in was loud, so loud he had to constantly raise his voice to talk to his guests. It didn't come through the video though as they toned it out.

I'm also sure that with enough training of your vocals you can talk for a long time. He didn't have that advantage. He was basically going from not talking a whole lot to having to talk loudly for 10-12 hours a day for four straight days. This is the point of the 'descent into madness' video. It was a slow progression that, by the end of it, when factoring in likely sleep deprivation, we have what we seen.

He wasn't drunk or high. I love all the internet doctors out there coming out of the woodwork to apply to immediate diagnosis while having absolutely no understanding of the environment he was in or the effects of days long sleep deprivation.

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@feanor That's better. Thank you. Though you should still mention what it is you are going to spoil...

Apologies for coming down a bit harshly. I have a soft spot for that particular brand when it comes to spoliers.

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Trust me when I say you don't want the future of Game of Thrones spoiled for you.

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@feanor It's also an extremely popular TV show that hasn't yet reached that point in the narrative. So that point you're trying to make about spoilers never being too old, while a good one, is completely undermined by the ignorance you are putting on display.

It's not funny. At all.

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@feanor Even if you think you're being cute to prove a point I cannot believe you would be that dense. Seriously, there are no words for the level of stupidity you are putting on display.

I'm hoping, at the least, that you will remove your post before a mod is forced to delete it. If there was any hope, I'd hope they would ban your idiot ass.

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@feanor Holy hell what the hell is your malfunction?

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Someone needs to splice together an 80's movie style credit sequence detailing what each personality of Giant Bomb does following their retirement from the site. "Jeff, no longer burdened by the expectations of video game journalism, was now free to follow his true dream. No one has heard form him since but those closest to him claim he was last seen crossing the Mexican border with a cardboard box labelled Atari mumbling that operation quick look everything could no longer be tied down by 'the man.' "

or, "Patrick founded his own software development company that catered to an increasingly casual market. Reviews have been mixed, however, with many people claiming to either love or hate his products with little opinion in between."


Set it to Don't You (Forget About Me) for good measure.

I'd do it myself but I'm afraid I haven't the talent. Get on it duders.

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Stay tuned as the former rebel leadership become Gaddafi v2.0 and begin their own brand of crushing military dictatorship!

I really, really, really hope you're wrong.

Happens all the time. Toppled dictatorship, new struggle for power between rival ethnic, military, and political groups. One group climbs to be the new victor, though is unable to control dissent. Martial law is declared and a new regime is built.

I know it does. I would just like to see one country in the Middle East not turn out that way.

Libya isn't in the Middle East - it's North African.
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Dynasty Warriors gave itself a make-over with DW6. Fans revolted... and they undid a lot of them for DW7. DW7 itself still breaks the mold a bit too, but in a way that's somewhat interesting. Plus it finally added Jin. I don't expect people who don't enjoy the series to understand what people who enjoy it look for, but yeah, changing the formula, even slightly, would tick a lot of people off. Myself included. I almost didn't buy DW7 after the travesty that was DW6.