Open Letter to Ryan Davis

Dear Ryan,

You don't know me, but I certainly know you.

To you, I was one of the 3,098 followers on your fantastic Spotify playlist. One of your 37,000 Twitter followers. One of the 192,000 profiles on the site you helped create, Giant Bomb. But to me, you were my friend.

Since 2007, when I was 14-years-old, I have heard you talk to me each and every week. Whether it was The Hotspot, the Bombcast, Whiskey Media Happy Hour, TNT, a Quick Look, Unprofessional Friday's, or some other random broadcast, seeing you and the rest of the crew has been one of the constants in my life in high school and college. In fact, you and your best friend, Jeff Gerstmann, were the reasons I initially applied to and attended the journalism program at my college. I wanted to write for Giant Bomb, and even though that dream slowly died and I decided to switch to PR, I was still anxious to meet you via an industry event and shake your hand, and tell you how big of a fan of yours I was.

You were the second Twitter account I followed, right after Jeff. On there, I rarely replied to you on, but the two times you replied to me, I felt cool. And while I never got to talk to you face-to-face, I'll always remember talking to you during Rorie's movie trivia segment on the 07/15/11 Happy Hour (even if I did never get the poster I won, though that's on Rorie, not you).

A few days ago, I was tabbing through the pictures Norman Chan posted from your wedding last Saturday to your beautiful wife, Anna. The complete and utter joy on your face said it all: you were so incredibly happy to be marrying the love of your life with your closest friends and family around to witness it. Even though I wasn't apart of the ceremony, and you didn't know me, it made me happy to see one of my friends full of so much joy.

This morning, when I awoke to the news of your passing, I was stunned. I tried to fight back the tears this morning, but lost the battle this afternoon. And while I was crying during Harmonix's tribute to your joyous life, I was laughing at the same time.

Everyone in the gaming community is deeply saddened by your sudden passing, but I know it's not the last time your presence will make us all laugh. Your spirit will live on for years in this community, and you will not be forgotten.

Thank you for the amazing memories, and I'll see you in another life, brother.


Ben Tolmachoff