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Love the pick by the Suns. They desperately needed shooting, and Booker will give them just that.

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This will be my first Batman game since Arkham Asylum, so I'm excited to get back into it. I think I may have made the right choice skipping the last two.

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I will never own a gaming PC until they get to be as cheap and easy as consoles. That being said, my Xbox One wasn't the best purchase. I used the five $100 Visa gift cards I received from graduating from college and turned them into the Titanfall Xbox One bundle, but as of this writing that and the Master Chief Collection are the only games I own. Though I'll be glad to have it when Rock Band 4 comes out since my music library and DLC were on the 360. But I use my PS4 for literally every other gaming experience.

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I'm just finding this thread now. And I'd like to say that I don't miss Goran Dragic. At all. Knight and Bledsoe will be a great backcourt for (hopefully) years to come.

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@toxin066 said:

volcano taco no lettuce (RIP)

It was the greatest Taco Bell taco of all time. I'll never forget.

They still have the Lava Sauce, and the red shell had no special flavoring. Just add the sauce to a regular ass hard taco and you have the exact same thing.

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Godspeed, Geoff Keighley. Apparently he's going to keep tinkering and rebooting this formula until he gets it right.

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As a Titanfall bundle owner, I'm a little jealous of the Advanced Warfare 1TB hard drive inside. They're all really good deals though.

Sunset Overdrive isn't doing anything for me, so honestly if I were to buy a console right now, I'd go for the Madden 15 bundle. That's probably the sports fan in me talking, though.

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Doubt it in regards to 2014. Wasn't it shown off during the second half of the conference, a.k.a. the games that are coming out next year?

Regardless, I'm excited!

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@keyvin: Do the conduits work? (I'm guessing those are the things that essentially work as ethernet ports via power outlets in your house) I've read about them but they almost seemed too good to be true.

@cornbredx: I'm trying to get my friend to bring his Macbook over since no computer in my house has an ethernet port.I'm guessing all of my questions will be answered if/when I can convince him to come over.