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@KingWilly said:
" @SeriouslyNow said:
" @KingWilly said:
" price matching? Fucking serious?

Most people who find a better deal just go to the place that has it. Instead you annoy and berate someone's grandmother and expect sympathy for it?

What a dick.
I'm not sure if you understand basic retail theory but those stores & chains which offer price matching actually WANT people to use the service.  It means they get the business instead of the store which offers the item at the price being matched.  The woman was in the wrong because she didn't understand the value of actual trade over potential lost profit, just like you. "
Yes, saving ten fucking dollars is worth being an asshole to an old lady.  "
Old lady or not, it's part of her job and she should have done it.
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Meh. I'll just pirate it.

Just kidding. I'll buy it here shortly.

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People take the internet way too seriously. I could never see someone taking what a troll said seriously enough to end their own life, but it does happen, and it's terribly sad. But that, to me, says more about a persons mental health than the work of trolls (if you can't handle someone making fun of you over the internet who doesn't know you, a few screws are loose in your head).

Still, terrible it caused a life to end.

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In its current status, it accomplishes nothing for me that my Wii can't do. More games (and better) ones will come out for it later in it's life, but I'm not going to rearrange my living room and drop $200 right now. Come back to me in a year and then we'll talk.

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I've never been a huge fan of IGN. To me, they just start senseless arguments from every article they post. They divide among console fanboys, genre fans and just about every other line. Plus, they appeal to just about the lowest common denominator by throwing Jessica Chobot and others in front of the camera. If someone says this on a live show and gets away with it, then something is messed up.

  I feel embarrassed for her just watching that. I rarely visit IGN, and when I do, it's to check a review score, the pluses and minuses associated with that review and I'm out.
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I'm posting in this because there are a few mentioned here that I haven't seen yet, notably the New Super Mario Bros one and Family Feud.

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I for one welcome our future alien overlords with open arms.

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About 3 minutes. As soon as I heard the site launched, I signed up. Though, it was always my secondary site until early 2009, when I (finally) got fed up with Gamespot. Best decision I've ever made.

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Agreed. "Good luck, have Batman" is the only right answer.

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Get them pulled, get some heavy pain medication and relax (to the best of your ability) for the next few days. If worse comes to worse, take a warm bath and get really low in the warm water. The steam helps relax my muscles and soothes my sinuses, which is where I feel a lot of pressure.