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Has anyone else seen this? I may be late to the party, but apparently, these are documents from March, 1950 about the FBI shooting down two flying saucers. I thought this was a hoax at first but the website is so it looks legitimate.

This is crazy, right? I mean, this kinda confirms that aliens are real, right?

Sorry if shared already.

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He's right. Every once in a while I bring my DS on my morning commute, but rarely pull it out because I'm fairly certain I'll be perceived as a weirdo. Probably speaks more to my self-confidence than DS' and Game Boy's, but still...

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Of course I bought the disc version. OF COURSE.

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I go through three steps:

  1. Read a few short previews of a game
  2. Watch the Quick Look to see if I'm still interested
  3. If so, read a few reviews, and only the last paragraph and the score.
Has yet to fail me.
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All of this Geohotz/hacking/Anyonymous hacking nonsense has cemented one thing in my mind: I totally hate my PS3 now.

Hackers are ruining games for me. They can pirate the game, they can bend them to their will. It sucks. So, Sony has to release a patch that takes about one hour to download and install (and I have good internet). And if there isn't a patch, who's to say that PSN won't be down?

It's getting annoying to the point where I don't want it anymore.

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First I was all :o then I was all :D
Burnout Paradise was/is my favorite game of all time.

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Flea markets/swap meets are awesome. So much great stuff.

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The one feature that throws me off is having the result your mouse is over be in all caps while searching. Just looks a bit weird. But other than that, I'm digging it.

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So I finally started the game last night and I love it. Any way a newcomer can squeeze his way into these festivities?

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I really want a McDouble, a Spicy Chicken and a large Coke now. Seriously. All because of this thread. Thanks, jerk.