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Please do this every year starting this year.

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Congratulations, Butt Tumblr! You made it!

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They should just hire Ana back and make her the official video person for Alex and Sara at New York.

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This probably happened.

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Seeing Brad Muir lunging just made him my favorite GB guest personality.

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We're not friends. I was just using you to score with Vinny.

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I never like scary games. I just don't think feeling uncomfortable and tense is an enjoyable experience. Regrardless, I tried Silent Hill when it first came out. I really didn't see the big deal until the sound got creepy and I started following the little girl to the alley with the body hanging from the wall and creepy crawlies coming out (really not sure how it happened, it's kind of a blur) I threw my controller and immediately unlugged the TV from the socket.

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