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Yeah, ever since I started living with my (then girlfriend now) wife I naturally couldn't spent entire afternoons watching GB when I get home from work. For a long while now I can't watch everything GB puts out and I do feel like I'm missing out.

I can listen to podcasts while I work so, the more podcasts, the better!

There are some great condensed and edited videos made by the community where you can, for instance, laugh at all the crews suffering that is Mario Party in about 15 minutes. Then all those Best of Giant Bomb videos etc.

I wish I was back in high school sometimes, having loads of extra time, playing 60-80 hour RPGs like no ones business and enjoying all the internet content I want.

Now, I totally ignore some longer features, like MGScanlon and Mario party but I made a habit of watching UPFs every Saturday morning with my wife, which is great ^_^

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I love you Mike Kob :*

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@cronus42: @karkarov: @belegorm: @zelyre: Were you able to collect and trade quest items like all other ingame items in those MMOs too?

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Keep in mind that player shops have been around since almost the beginning...

Yeah, you're absolutely right... The Kal Online example was just the first time I had any experience with it. The cross realm and cross platform play sounds crazy tho!

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it ended up being a giant pyramid scheme...

Haha, I remember the same happening to the Teacher & Student system in KAL as well...

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...that had a full on custom character system that still embarrasses everyone else's character gear modding even today...

You reminded me of something with that.

Didn't they talk about a killing/hunting trophies system in Warhammer Online where you would be able to customize your character by placing skulls, ears and other trophies from your adventures on your person and armor ? I didn't actually play Warhammer... Was that there and was it any good/meaningful?

When you look at majority of the most successful MMOs in the western market today, they all basically follow the same template. There are maybe two major gameplay differentiators: is it a hotkey MMO, or a more actiony MMO...
All other differences are do they focus more on story, more on exploration, more on social interaction etc...

I've also heard of an MMO (I don't know the name) where a rogue-like class could actually steal items from other players inventories. In that same MMO, I think people would lose items from their inventory when they died and those items became loot for other players etc.
Imagine how much just that change the otherwise pretty similar gameplay and experience...

That's why I find the so unusual or unconventional mechanics appealing, the potential is enormous. I wish MMOs were cheaper to make, so there would be less risk and more incentive for experimentation. As someone pointed out, that's why we see more innovation coming from Korea...

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@belegorm: @cornbredx: O man, great! I know what I'll be reading in my spare time, thanks.

I played Runes of Magic a little bit and it just seemed like a carbon copy of WoW with a ton more grinding. The only thing that stood out were the Guild Castles that you could build as a guild and upgrade it to have different profession work benches etc.

Basically WoW garrisons for whole Guilds. (years and years before WoW garrisons were a thing...)

I played Perfect World for a tiny bit too, but the interface and overall aesthetic totally turned me off. But yeah, the main differentiator- the flying, just seemed pointless in the early game... Age of Wushu sounds interesting tho...

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@mb: Wow, that sounds amazing! Now I'm really bummed I never tried it out. But yeah, that sounds even more in depth than something like EVE Online, at least for the resource complexity and stats perspective.

But sounds like that system really tries to mimic real world economy in scarcity, quality difference and item/player status.

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I played more than a couple lesser known MMORPGs back in the day and I was sometimes very surprised at the novelty of certain gameplay mechanics and ideas behind them. Some were unconventional, some were clunky but I applaud them for trying something different...

Here are a few examples that come to mind.

Kal Online

1. Player Shops/Kiosks

Instead of trading in an Auction House, players would pick which items in their inventory, what quantity and price they wanted to sell, choose a name for the shop and sit down on the ground and open a shop/kiosk. Players could approach you and buy from your shop when you were AFK. That led to towns being so full of player shops that you wouldn't be able to see the ground texture from all the player models and shop name texts.


Quest items would drop even if you didn't have the quest and they were salable too. So many entrepreneurial spirits would grind thousands of e.g. meat chunks for some quest, then plop down a kiosk right in front of the area with the quest monsters or even right in front the quest giver. It was totally a different trading system than many other, more popular MMOs and in retrospect, was a big differentiator.

2. Teacher/student System

Newer players could become students to more experienced players and the game would provide a small percentage of the money earned by the student to the teacher as tuition. (that would not actually subtract from the student cut, it was just extra money for the teacher). In theory, the student would get more money in return after meeting certain milestones and it was expected of the teacher to answer newbie questions and help where possible.

Allods Online

1. 5 player pilotable endgame ship

This otherwise pretty standard hotkey WoW-like has pretty cool concepts for its endgame (disclaimer: which I didn't actually level to and play but I know of it). After an epic quest chain, a lot of grinding for materials and a ton of other effort, you are able to construct your own big astral ship. It has a few different roles that players can take, from manning guns, checking scanners and navigation or controling actual ship steering and direction. You travel to what are essentially instances with normal “on ground” hotkey combat and loot, you take it back to the ship… What is also interesting, the loot stays on your ship until you dock, so there are also interesting PVP pirating opportunities, where players attack eachothers ships and steal loot!

2. Crafting minigame

A very complicated minigame to explain but not so difficult to understand in game. With a combination of skill and a little bit of luck, people who crafted more items and know the minigame better will be able to craft items of a higher quality and I always thought that incorporating actual player skill into the crafting system is something that's lacking from most crafting systems in video games in general.

  • So, my question to you duders and dudettes, what MMO mechanics you thought were unconventional, novel and interesting, even if they didn't quite work?
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OOO, totally man! I'm also late to the party, bought my PS3 when GTA 5 came out. Playstation plus is great and there are a ton of great cheep games to check out.

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@hamst3r: I'm also on the hunt for a good Youtube, Lets play video kinda mic, but if I record my stupid face while playing, a big snowball mic will cover half of the scene. I'm inclined to listen to Hamst3rs advice, I know how much audio experience that duder has...

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@sweep: I was just pulling your leg ^_^
I totally agree with you and Dave and I haven't watched a lot of Grace, but she seems super likable and charming.
I made a chubby guy (sorta built like me) for Dark Souls 2 and totally regretted having to watch his chubby ass the whole game :D