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How are those Mafia games? I confuse them with the Godfather ones so I've never been sure which ones are liked, hated, or if they both are bad, etc.

Mafia 1 was lightyears ahead of its time as an open world game, and had fantastic atmosphere and a great mobster story. Mafia 2 for me felt a bit empty and was forgettable.

This. Mafia 1 <3

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I'm in a bit of a pickle myself. I got these NuForce HP-800 on my mind and I think they'll do the job just nicely. Anyone have anything to say about them?

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@jazzylament:I agree it doesn't make sense for most video games (Stalker and ARMA especially), that's why I plan to remove mine. I can see it having a place in horror gameplay- for instance, seeing some of Patricks reactions in his Spookin with Scoops was priceless.

I mind the headers, tickers and fan fare a lot more that I do facecams on Twitch. I would wager it is a different thing with live broadcasts, maybe plays on peoples voyeuristic tendencies or something.

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I also started a few months ago and I feel you man. I started a lets play of S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Call of Pripyat, which is a damn good and generally overlooked game in my opinion, but not something that is relevant or interesting in 2015.

It's still pretty hard to get over the "stage fright" in front of the camera, which is less noticeable the more I record (I hope).
I think I'm gonna ditch the facecam thing so I can insert maybe prerecorded mini stories/monologues in the quiet parts of videos.

Also, I edited more and more in later videos to shorten the downtime as much as possible, but it's a serious, roaming, open world game, what more can I do?

I also plan to join some ARMA 3 clan and do more mission videos like the one I have on the channel, that's super immersive and fun to watch I think. I also try and compact it as much as possible with editing.

As far as advices go- try and keep the effort, time and energy spent proportional to the channel success. Don't work your ass off all the spare time you have aside a normal job and family just to have 40 views in a month. Build things slowly but steadily and keep to a schedule (unfortunately, I'm all talk in this department :( ).

Best of luck to you duder!

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Researching different robot "species", hacking them and making them fight for you and of course riding them like you said...
Maybe using that rope arrow to actually grapple onto bigger robots and climbing them Shadow of the Colossus style.

But yeah, my money's on some sort of research/hacking system...

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Is there a good iOS emulator for Windows so I can play it on my PC too?

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@roland_leshaft: I'm kinda interested to pick it up. I have a question tho- Is it possible to play the game in third person (all the time)?

My wife gets motion sickness from first person games, third person camera helps alot...

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That article is basically a videogames journalism equivalent of Hatred.

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I totally plan to check it out.
I played WoW back in the day but grew really tired of the Tab/hotkey style combat. Especially once I tried Guild Wars 2. The more action based combat with active dodges and stuff like that really opened my eyes.
Now that I saw Wildstars combat, I'm really excited to check it out and play it as soon as possible.