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Way to go Brad!

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If I can play all the permutations, mods and multiplayer, probably ARMA 3

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@corruptedevil said:

In Cold Blood however was a niche game...

You take that back! That game was great and still one of the best spy games with best spy characters in existance ^_^

I should go play that again...

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@corruptedevil said:
@sweep said:

Except Bastion introduced the idea of a story with a human narrator, and any deaths were explained as him getting confused with the tale: "no, wait, that's not how it happened..."

Prince of Persia Sands of Time did the exact same thing first 8 years before.

In Cold Blood did it 14 years ago.

L.A. Noire I thought was great. Asking your partner for directions at intersections. Driver or Burnout Paradise had a thing where the turn signals were flashing before and where you were supposed to make a turn. Those are neat in-game ways to seamlessly show directions without taking away attention from the game.

The totally other side of that coin is to have a fuckin' map in your lap while you drive like in Far Cry 2. That never broke immersion for me, although driving like that was pretty terrible.

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@astromarine: Thank you very much for mentioning it. I don't know German well enough to play the entire game in it, even if I did I wouldn't want to...

No new Wolfenstein for me then...

Is the "nightmare" sequence also censured?

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As a guy recently moved to Germany, I find all this very confusing, intimidating and awkward. I felt bad watching Wolfenstein trailers, and if I bought the game I would probably want to play it with headphones on so my neighbors don't hear it.

The only context to this censorship I understand is that I wouldn't want to play or hear of a game where it is glorified to kill and massacre a group of people of whom my grandfather was a part of, no matter how fucked up that group was. And I guess, here in Germany that's not that far fetched.

What if you buy the game on Steam in Germany but you want to play the English version? Is the dialog removed only in the German VO?

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I think you have to be of a certain emotional intelligence or maturity (I'll use that criteria rather than AGE) to fully appreciate some games...
I'm really glad I played games like Journey, Braid, Gone Home, The Walking Dead when I did, because I think a lot of the emotional and cerebral components of those games would go straight over my head if I played them when I wasn't as mature/developed/insert word here...

I suspect if I replayed those kinds of games in a few years again, I would discover even more about them and about myself through them.
And in that regard I think games are analog to classical music, paintings and the like. It's not so much developing a taste as it is maturing and developing yourself to the point that some of those mediums resonate with you.

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@alyssia: The Boxxy is strong in that one...

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Just a few months ago, I tried playing Final Fantasy XII again. After about 15 hours I totally burned out. I just don't like the gameplay all that much. And it seems most JRPGs have a very similar "gameplayloop" and turn based combat. And most the stories and ESPECIALLY characters are fuckin' terrible.
I started despising JRPGs for the same reason I despise Nintendo... Repetition of same concepts and gameplays and IPs and stories over and over and over again till the end of time.
But, for some reason, I want to try Valkyria Chronicles. The setting and fighting system looks different enough but I'm affraid I'll get burned again...