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I won't buy a next gen console. This generation was fun, but from now on it will only be a time wasting, money devouring hobby for me!

In the last few weeks I did play overall one hour. And even at this cumulative hour I felt guilty! I don't know why, but the generation shift is the best thing that could happen for me now! Time to move on and dust of my bicycle. It'll be fun!

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Dark Souls II

And I want a really good reason to buy a PS4! I mean a REALLY REALLY good one! Like back then Demon's Souls for PS3!

All the Shooter-guff like Killzone is at this point muh because this genre is so boring by this time!

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Depends on the game, but in most games I wanna see the ending. I'm not a S-Rank-Guy, but when a game grips me, I play it sometimes just for achievements, like Saboteur for example.

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@MysteriousBob said:

I loved Rayman Origins. I have no interest in buying a WiiU. This is excellent news.

I have to approve!

I have just one question: Why waiting so long to announce this message? Did they really hope: "xxxxx People just buy the WiiU because of this!!" ..But yeah, NOW I'll get this, without a WiiU :)

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Heavy Rain: I noticed, that I have no personal binding to characters in games! I mean the guy lost his son, and I felt nothing. Second son gets kidnaped... I don't care. Don't get me wrong, I enjoyed Heavy Rain, but I was never in front of my TV and thought "oh no, I don't do this, because I can't stand it!" ...

GT5: Made me realise that PS3-Fanboys are literaly blind! They didn't see things I saw. And kept arguing with me, why I'm SO wrong.

When I played MoH WF with my boss, it was an experience that demonstrated me: Boy, First Person Shooters are not your "thing" anymore!

WoW: Wasted 5 years of my life to this game. I never get them back, and I feel bad for that! It was certainly fun most of the time, but I regret buying this game till this day!

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Why you don't go back to BF3, and stop playing BLOPS2? Would be good! The more players stop playing/buying the CoD-Franchise, the better for the industry!

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I never finished L.A. Noire because at every wrong dialogue choice I made, I reload the scene. So after 10 hours I was still at the second department, and was done!

Also never finished GTA IV, because the controls of the camera was awful and the game never clicked with me.

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At it says 30th March.

At You can preorder NOW!!!!1

At ...I can't French but it seems to be available "soon".

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@Svenzon: This "The Ting" vibe is just because there is snow everywhere, I think. ;D (is this sentence grammatical correct? I don't know ,_,)

I played the demo now. And yes.. I will not pick this game up!

I mean.. when you don't aim Isaac is really slow, you aim an OMG the snow is no problem anymore! YES I know I'm nit-picking here.. but come on! This is something that drag me out of the experience! It immediately caught my attention! In addition to that: Lack of horror-elements. Just because there is an instrument playing louder than the usual game sound doesn't create atmosphere! Yeah in most cases it does, but not when everything is illuminated and the visual moment itself is not scary at all!

I mean yeah, the game spawns (!) a dude out of the snow.. but I shoot him and he is done. He had no chance anyway.. why does the developer think "THIS IS A SCARY MOMENT, WE NEED A SCARY INSTRUMENT SOUND HERE, PLAYING WITH VOLUME 100 EVEN WHEN THE GAMER SET THE VOLUME TO 30!!" this is not scary to me at all! It isn't even fun anymore! And that saddens me! This fanchise was BIG! Then it got OKAY because it went to mishmash, ans now it IS mishmash with no ray of hope at all!

Like I said at top of this thread: I abandoned all hope.. now for sure!

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So I'm in the dessert now, but .. I have no option to capture a familiar.. do I have to wait until the game progresses? (literally just walked into the first city in the desert)

(Thought I ask this in this threat.. because well.. it fits with the theme ^^)