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I'd imagine that's why most of us are here. When you can't share your hobby in real life, the internet is there for you!

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Ha, this topic is kinda funny to me.

I've only ever worked blue collar and or minimum wage jobs and lets just say that if you're not being....uh...saucy, you're doing it wrong. I've never worked anywhere with an HR department :D

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Apollo Justice and Miles Edgeworth worth a shot? I played 1, 2, and the new one. I think I got part way through 3 but lost the game.

Investigations 1, I didn't like it at all. The second is fantastic. They're different games though. Apollo Justice is the best in the series, I think.

wow thats the first time i heard someone said that

no disrespect, just its literally the 1st time ive heard someone say that, people usually tout the 1st phoenix wright or the 3rd phoenix wright as the best. (id probably say the 3rd game for me is the best, the battles phoenix had with godot were great)

I'd also say Apollo is my favorite in the series. My reasoning is pretty simple though; I played them all in the span of about two months, so the shake up that came with Apollo really helped me out.

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I'm always so torn about the series. I love the court sections but the investigations are incredibly boring and tedious to me =/

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You have years before you have to worry about it. Right now, it just makes you look a bit older and tbqh, I bet 9/10 people don't even notice it's receding.

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I love it an incredible amount but I was the right age when it came out. I was 8 and it was ostensibly my first racing game, so yeah.

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We'll, I've got a lot going on this summer, so I don't expect to get too deep into anything. Luckily, Mario kart just came out and I can't think of game that's better for a busy person :D

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I'm a huge fan of the saxophone. No other instrument has ever been able to leave me with the tinglies after hearing it.

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Yeah, sure, I'd love to play with some Duders.

My NNID is DavidAMA

I'll add everyone above me.

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I was actually gonna send Brad something similar on tumblr recently. Now that I'm out of it and able to look back at what I once was like, there was a solid year or two where Giant Bomb was probably the only thing stopping me from doing something really stupid.

Much love