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Sorry, but that movie wasn't scary at all. It's three people lost in the woods and freaking out for no reason. They face absolutely no danger or threat during the entirety of the movie. Those three cowards lacked courage which such absurdity I couldn't shake the disconnect and forget it was watching fiction, fiction as in virtual picture on a screen. It got overhyped on the novelty of being "found footage" and people were duped into paying for what is particularly not a very good movie. It's like Avatar, Avatar is an extremely bad movie, yet the 3D and shinny glowing looks fooled a lot of people.

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There is a fundamental difference between moving a joystick with your thumb and moving your thumb on the "joystick". Everybody, given the choice, prefer a mouse to a touchpad, and I mean EVERYBODY! Because just like nature we follow the path of least resistance, a touchpad is more effort, more moving around your thumb than a joystick. Valve, you fucked up.

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Then why doesn't it release everywhere else at the same time as China? The localizations are all done. The game is running on Android. Then why the delay? EA would never do that unless $$$$$$$, because EA wants $$$$$$$.

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That's right, this is where the money goes; locking in content, not innovation. It'd be nice to have a parallel Earth to ours where decency and respect still exist, we could compare how much retard we have accumulated so far with all our bullshit, how much retarded we are.

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What? The authoritative freak from the Xbone press event?

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@huntergathers, @strainedeyes: Oh I didn't mean the game was "broken" as in "unplayable". But when the developer has to issue a statement saying "Please don't do that, it's not good !", it means they shipped the game with a broken feature in it. I don't care if it's really broken or it's "working as intended". If you don't want people to do it because it will have a negative impact on their experience, then don't put it in the game. Sorry I didn't make myself clearer, and thanks for your explanations :')

Installing your game disc on the Xbox360 hard drive isn't a GTA5 feature, it's a console feature. The game loads from both the HD and DVD at the same time, if you install the play disc you lose the DVD loading speed. Then the HD alone cannot keep up with the amount of data the devs have optimized for in certain conditions. That's why they issued a warning, not because they messed up, but to provide the best playing experience for less tech literate customers whom assume installing the disc necessarily means better performance.

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As someone who plays on PS3 with the Play Disc "installed" on the hd, yes the PS3 has the same issue. Maybe swapping the internal HD for a 7200rpm could solve the issue, at least it would alleviate it, but as far as the standard 5400rpm is concerned you get noticeable pop-ins during the intro (shown in this video), but most importantly while driving at high-speed. At very high speed and with lots of traffic the game can barely keep up and building textures and most props don't even have time to load at all.

Side note, the PS3 version is amazingly good looking, compared to GTA4, it's not muddy and the draw distance isn't terrible. If it wasn't for the pop-ins, I wouldn't wait for the PC and play on PS3 because it looks quite alright, albeit at 720p.

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I don't understand why people would not try to beat their opponent and finish first even if they split the pot. Someone still has to win, why joke around? If I'd play against my best friend, we'll split, but I'd sure try to beat him. I thought those people were competitors.

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I actually feel for the guy a lot and agree with a lot of what he has to say about Marcus Beer, especially the comment about how he creates nothing of beauty. Phil Fish, for all of his down falls, is an artist. A very drive, very passionate artist. An artist so driven and so passionate that he can't helpbut be vitriolic and call bullshit where he sees it. I don't think that necessarily makes him an asshole, but the limelight and that kind of character don't often mix well. Marcus Beer is just a commentator, he sits at the sidelines and criticises the work of others while never offering better alternatives, never innovating, never pushing himself or the industry in any meaningful way. In my opinion, that specific line of game "journalism" has a tendency to be parasitic as fuck, so I think Phil Fish was well within his right to tell that guy to go fuck himself.

I, too, think Phil will be back. For now I implore people not to judge the guy so hastily. Artists have a hard time in the game's industry and if they ever lash out in response, it's always them that gets bashed, when without them we wouldn't have any beautiful art to consume in the first place. And is Marcus Beer going to be the guy that makes the games once he's pissed all the good devs off? Fuck no. FUCK no.

Come on, get your head out of your ass. Phil Fish is not an artist, he doesn't create beauty or convey emotion, he's an entertainer. Like any pop star, he's a whore, not a troubled soul exploring his perception of the world in search of awe.