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Sent a request to join the ANZAC clan.

My Bungie name is "ChrisDunkley".

My PSN name is "Chris_JD". Everyone should feel welcome to add me as a friend.

Hopefully you've received my PM @fattony12000


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I'm in :)

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I would love an invite.

My name is "Serahn".

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Change can be scary but I've been following this industry long enough to know nothing lasts forever.

So I'm trying to stay positive for the future. Certainly I'd like to see a Giant Bomb that's a bit less focused on Quick Looks and more focused on interesting alternative video content.

I also hope people will give the new staff a fair shake.

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I guess it's a good sign that the value of this device is recognised by the greater business community... but I can't help but wish the Oculus Rift had a bit more time in the oven before a deal like this was made.

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Smart phones are the wrong direction, if you ask me.

Nothing that is (traditionally) good about Nintendo works particularly well on a touch-based smart phone.

I think a better solution would be to open up the capacity for larger sales by releasing their amazing games on other platforms.

My guess would be that there's massive amounts of shareholder pressure to jump on some of the branding opportunities that would be available on smart phones, but I wonder if that's a long term solution to their problems. The idea of, for example, a Mario-branding endless runner is just incredibly sad to me.

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Added sound and editing was a great addition, I thought.

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The problem here, in my opinion, is that Blizzard have set up the expectation that their games are endless fonts of fun that can be returned to for an infinite amount of time. Maybe after you exhaust the content the game is over. Maybe that's an ok thing.

The fundamental issues that Blizzard are not addressing with all these balance changes and mathematical additions is that what players really enjoy is CONTENT.

If they want to sustain an audience beyond the length of the game they created they should create more game. Take some of the money they're earning from the auction house and start building additional acts. Give players something to play with. I think that would be a far more successful strategy than giving players a meaningles +1 counter to grind against.

This Blizzard-created idea that balance changes can fix any problem and make anything infinitely fun is really hurting the company, in my opinion.

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Makes you wonder what the Microsoft certification process involves if it can't even find a fundamental problem like broken saves.

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Here's hoping that Valve remove the modifications to Left 4 Dead 2 and restore it the way it was designed.

Also hoping that Mortal Kombat gets a release now.