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Man, I wonder what The Division even looks like now. It's probably a free to play mobile tower defense game at this point.

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Letterman has a look on his face that says: "If THAT'S the future, I'm glad I'm retiring now!"

Feel like this would have fit in better with Fallon.

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Glad to have some new blood at GB, and it'll be good to have a chance for more wrestling chat at GB! Maybe Dan can use his mad wrestler whisperer skills to lure a WWE star in for a QL or something.

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Surprised the crew didn't go out and look for an established VG journalist, there seem to be enough floating around with the talent and experience needed to get the job done.

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Like the title says, got 5 coupons for 25% Broken Age on Steam. Good till March 15, 2014. If anyone wants one, gimme your Steam ID and I'll send it over. First come first serve.

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@chris2klee: Thank you so much. I was like, I'm waisting my time enterring this long ass code. And then, it worked!!! colour me happy. Thank you very very much!

You're welcome, enjoy!

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Xbone code: 27MWY-WVQG4-XQJJ3-F6W7V-KQJHZ

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I hope it's finally over for real this time, what a mess. I can't believe they didn't scrub the original comments from the code! That is literally what classmates in my comp sci class got busted for in high school! HIGH SCHOOL! What a bush league con job SK was. Unbelievable.

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Got a 10% coupon good until Sept 26, 2013. If you want it, send me a PM.

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I think if the thing was $99, 2DS would make more of an impact. At that price it becomes a disposable buy for a lot more people.