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I never met Ryan, but, like pretty much everyone else here, his death hit me hard.

I've tried to rationalise why I feel so personally affected by it.

It could be the nature of the podcast. For 3 hours each week Ryan's voice was pumped into my ears. The conversational style of the Bombcast meant that it didn't feel like listening to a show, but hanging out with friends.

It could be that a couple of years ago I was in a pretty bad place and the output of this site helped to drag me through. The sheer quantity of material that Giant Bomb produces means that if you haven't got much else going on in your life, you can really get lost in here. Being constantly exposed to the friendly, positive and, most importantly, gloriously dumb content of this site kept my head up and helped give me the strength to get myself out of a hole.

But ultimately, I don't think that I can rationalise why I feel so connected to Ryan. (I use the present tense intentionally; he still feels like a part of my life.) He was a one of a kind, joyous force of nature. I've decided to stop feeling weirdly guilty for the strength of my reaction to the death of a man I've never met, and just come to terms with it.

I will miss him.

For a while I've been planing to get myself a pair of New Balance 574s. Ryan was clearly a super-fan, and his enthusiasm was infectious. I was waiting for payday, when I planned to buy this ballin' pair I'd seen and tweet him a picture. Well today was payday, but sadly Ryan didn't make it.

As dumb as this is, walking around in these today made me feel a little closer to him.

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@Akyho said:

Oh yes. I forgot,

Alot of Xbox people might know Rab Florence as Independent Charles from the independent Charles show featured on inside Xbox.

I'd never seen that before. Glorious.

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Japanese games? Don't tell Phil Fish, he'll be furious.

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Xbox 360: All my friends using Xbox Live.

Wii: I'll let you know when a game comes along that convinces me to buy a Wii.

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I don't drink whisky very often, but when I do I add a little water because it's what my Dad taught me to do.

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So, good move or a bit dickish?:

This is from ShopTo and is why ShopTo is currently trending on Twitter in the UK. Lots of people are split, my opinion is that the consumers win, so I'm all for it.

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From my understanding there are two main controversies surrounding Zynga:

1. They rip off other games (Farm Town etc.)

2. Their games make people unhappy. Jonathan Blow put it like this:

I still wouldn't tell people, "Don't make that game" exactly, I would say, "Think about what you're making and be careful when you make it and try not to exploit players." But I mean now that we've got FarmVille and stuff like that, I pretty much would say "don't make that kind of game" because I don't see much value in it.

It's only about exploiting the players and yes, people report having fun with that kind of game. You know, certain kinds of hardcore game players don't find much interest in FarmVille, but a certain large segment of the population does. But then when you look at the design process in that game, it's not about designing a fun game. It's not about designing something that's going to be interesting or a positive experience in any way -- it's actually about designing something that's a negative experience.

It's about "How do we make something that looks cute and that projects positivity" -- but it actually makes people worry about it when they're away from the computer and drains attention from their everyday life and brings them back into the game. Which previous genres of game never did. And it's about, "How do we get players to exploit their friends in a mechanical way in order to progress?" And in that or exploiting their friends, they kind of turn them in to us and then we can monetize their relationships. And that's all those games are, basically.

And there's this kind of new way where people are, like Bryan Reynolds working on FrontierVille and stuff, making it supposedly deeper, but that kind of thing has been very token so far. And in fact, I would argue that the audience of that kind of game doesn't necessarily want a deeper game, or certainly that's not proven; it's very speculative.

So I would say don't make that stuff. If you want to make a Facebook game, there are a lot of very creative things that could be done, but the FarmVille template is not the right one.

Care to comment on either of these two things? Because if not I don't really see how we can have a conversation about whether or not the people behind these games are "bad people". (Although as others have said, I'm sure Jeff is just referring to 'the suits'.)

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Season 4 of The Wire is peerless.