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I wish there were more beard options. Right now you can be scruffy or bushy, nothing in-between.

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@Benny: Nice write up! This is the build I tested during the stress test. My main goal was to apply stacks of confusion. For the most part it worked, but needs some tweaks.

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@Subjugation: That's what I figured. I may have even accidentally left since I was messing with my key bindings.

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I don't know why, but I was kicked from the guild during the stress test. Anyway, I tried out the Razer Nostromo after listening to the podcast. After a bit of adjustment it felt pretty good paired with the Naga.

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Same as my Guild Wars main, Human Mesmer.

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Now I know why I kept changing targets in sPvP. Thanks fo the settings tip.

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A few of my favorite shots from the beta weekends.

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I didn't get a chance to play around with the emblem creator over the beta weekend, so I took a stab at making a custom one. Tried to kinda follow the options available from here:

This was just for fun as it would be cool if they let us do truly custom designs.

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Signed up for the guild on the Google doc for BW3.

My first MMO was SWG. Started playing Guild Wars at launch and then WoW later that year. Came back to Guild Wars for Factions, then took a break from MMOs for a few years. Recently I got started again on Star Trek Online, Rift, SWTOR, Tera, and The Secret World. I was completely blown away by the first beta weekend and can't wait for launch.