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Normal to start with


Demon Hunter

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All this says is that EA got the rights to cancel your origin account after 2 years of inactivity, just like steam got the right to cancel all your shit whenever for whatever reason. IT DOES NOT MEAN THEY WILL DO IT. Their just reserving the right to do it.

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Yes, they'll work.

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It's still 50 euros here in Europe/Norway :/

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It's probably your graphics card. TW2 is fairly demanding and your graphics card isnt the most powerful. You could try too update your graphics card drivers and see if that helps you. 
CDProjekt might patch the game and increase performance, but I wouldnt count on it.

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I very much doubt you'll be able to run the game playable at all. Your graphics card (4250) is an integrated card and doesn't really come close to a 8800/3850 which is what their recommending as minimum system requirements. The fact that its a laptop just makes it all that much worse.

So no, your computer does not meet the minimun system requirements and you will probably not be able to run it very good at all.

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@Enigma777 said:
" Wow, didn't steam give away Portal last year for free to everyone? How can anyone not have a copy yet?! "
Yeah, thats what I was thinking too. They've been giving it away for free several times, through various AMD/Nvidia promotions and what not.

Anyways, I've got an extra copy aswell, goes to the first person to send me a PM with their steam name.